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Tracy is a kid with a sister called Mackenzie and they're growing up in a care home. They're loud, they're fiery and, somehow, they're always in trouble. But they have each other's backs.

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Kitty pushing Tracy down the stairs was one of THE most shocking moments in season 3 of TBR. Dani's acting was extraordinary and thankfully Tracy survived...but what if she never?

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"I didn't choose this for myself: the constant heartache, the feeling out of place in my own home, the lack of freedom. I didn't choose it, just like you didn't, Elijah. I can live with a husband who doesn't love me, but I will not forgo respect. I've done that for far too long." His eyes barely look at me, which only irritates me more. Before the tears at the brim of my eyes start to fall, I turn around to go back to my room. Lilliana Campbell and Elijah Haze were not dealt the easiest cards when they were born in the biggest crime families in America. After a bloody generational war, their parents decide it's time to bring peace between the two crime organisations and the best way to form an alliance that won't break is through marriage and the conception of an heir for the two families.

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What if the Tracy brothers had a 14 year old sister, who goes to East High School and is the basketball team captains girlfriend. She lives with Penny during school and only comes home during holidays. Her father is not willing to let her become a Thunderbird but what happens when trouble strikes at the island. Where is she? Is she with her brothers and father in 5 or on the island with Alan, Fermat and Tin Tin? Is she on the main land? Will she help? Will her friends help? But she also holds a secret.What is it and will she tell her family?

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*Thunderbirds Fanfiction* Jeff, Scott, John, Virgil and Gordon Tracy along with Lady Penelope and Parker are the well known International Rescue team but what if there is another member and she is John's wife. With John and his wife in thunderbird 5 and things heating up on Tracy island heating up when the youngest Tracy, Alan, comes home from school what will happen?

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Left on the doorstep of Elmtree house when she was two, Tifffany grew up in care and it had left her bitter and dejected. A freak accident at Elmtree scarred her mentally and physically , so she was never willing to return. But when her circumstances change, Tiffany finds herself forced to go back, and Tracy Beaker exactly where she left her.

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I recommend reading over 18 years old. Seme is Possessive type and Asshole type. Htike+Koon Tracy///

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Lady Penelope's niece is an adventurer in the truest sense of the word. However, this occupation comes with certain risks, but she never guessed to come across one quite like this. Luckily, aunt Penny has friends in high places. Although happy with her saviors in blue uniform, she never guessed her life would be effected the way it was after that faithful day. It turns out that day was both her worst and her best. Side note: This story follows mainly episodes from the 1960's verse, but if you want to imagine it in a different setting, be my guest. Disclaimer: I don't own Thunderbirds.

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Katy is Scott, John, Virgil, Gordan and Alan younger but long lost sister, Will Katy survie her Brothers, Kayo, Brains and Grandma's way of living.

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Thirteen year old and ex gang member Chloe Stone comes with trouble, sarcasm and all around attitude. And above all good old Irish fire. But deep down she's just abandoned by her mother Dixie who prefers men over her. But moving to the "Dumping Ground" gives her a new life and growing close to Liam she gains a best friend but will it blossom to something more? (Fanfiction based on Tracy beaker Returns) I don't own any characters apart from Chloe and Dixie and a few others Music is used ☺️

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When 17 year old Olivia is sent to Tracy Island to work with International Rescue, she is surprised that the Tracy family isn't as perfect as it seems, with relationships falling apart at the seams for the five brothers, it's up to Olivia to help offer her guidance and support to bring the five brothers and their father back together again. [THIS STORY IS SET BEFORE THE NEW SERIES BUT USES THE NEW CHARACTER DESIGNS]

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This is Emily's life story of how she finds out who she really is and who her brother really is and all about her journey to find that boy who was her best friend at one point.

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He was a care kid and has been since day one. She had his dream life, 2 parents, a house and siblings but it wasn't her life that he loved and wanted it was her. He didn't understand the feelings that she caused him to have especially when they had never spoken but he did know that since her, since these feelings he had been in a lot of trouble more so than normal and that is saying something. DISCLAIMER I do not own the characters or some of the plot. I do have own Bex and most of the plot (basically anything that's not mention or seen in either series Tracey Beaker Returns or the dumping ground). hope you enjoy it

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Tracy Returns To The Dumping Ground! But the reason behind her return is on the edge of sinister. Will Mike be able to save her before it's too late?

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This is the 2003 movie, Thirteen, told from the perspective of Evie Zamora. We got Tracy's point of view, but what about Evie? Why did she do the things she did? I've seen a few different interpretations of Evie's perspective and I decided to give it a go. This is how I think Evie thought and the reasons behind why she did the things she did. This is NOT canon, just a fanfiction, and I am not affiliated with Thirteen or Catherine Hardwick in any way.