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In a world that is divided into nine kingdoms, the different kingdoms will have to unite to defeat the evil creator. Along with the help of a former creator, other students, and a girl who came from a mysterious clan. Disclaimer, This story is made out of fiction. The characteristics of the characters are fictional and only written by the author. The plot is made by the author without any intention to harm the real people portraying the characters in the story. If there's any resemblance between this story to the other stories, It is purely an accident. W R I T T E N B Y : J E E Y N _ K O L D

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Eve accepts an arranged marriage to try and save her kingdom. When things change she still has to be the one to save her people but in an entirely different way. Will she have the courage to accept her fate and stand up to help make a difference? This is Eve's story. Book #7

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"A Lannister and a Stark. They have no idea how dangerous that is." LION AMONG WOLVES SPIN OFF SEASON THREE ONWARDS AU

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this is a story about 7 completely different kingdoms. There was a time they all lived together in peace until one of the kingdoms tought they were more powerful than any other kingdom and deserve to have control over everyone. a bad war began. After this war was over, the kingdoms were no longer on good terms with each other. No one knows If there will be a bright and peaceful future for the kingdoms again.

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What if Izuku Midoriya was born in black clover and were Asta and Yuno's childhood friend and rival?

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when will her 𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙙𝙤𝙢 𝙘𝙤𝙢𝙚 ? (really... she's getting impatient !) (percy jackson x fem! oc) (som-ttc) (book one in the 'royalty' series) (cover by ephemerality-) (started: 18.02.21) (ended: 15.08.21) ©infantwomanro 2021

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Lilly had a normal life, living with her best friends, Sora, Riku and Kairi on Destiny Islands, without memories from her life before the Island. But their normal lives there comes to an end when darkness takes over their world. Separated from their friends, Sora and Lilly are forced to go on an adventure to find them. While searching for Riku and Kairi, Lilly will discover her past memories, and her part in future.

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After a mysterious book ends up in the cookie kingdom. Gingerbrave and the gang discover a whole other world and discover that not all humans are bad. This is platonic cookie run kingdom x gender neutral reader story. I hope you enjoy! I do not own anything from the Cookie Run Kingdom franchise

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⸻ "Don't you fret my dear, it'll all be over soon" Aurora Miller had felt she was doomed from the start, but when she gets lost in a world of infected, she must find her way back to her family. Only, when she does, there is a much bigger mission in play. THE LAST OF US, HBO SEASON ONE - ?

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a Story of Asagi, Mikumi being transported to another fantasy world with the floating Kingdom that she bought in her idle game she was transported due to a message from the system and when she agreed to it she was transported in another world as her game avatar Asagi, now she is the owner of her own bought floating Kingdom and at the same time the queen of the said kingdom follow Cia on how will she fare in another world with her own floating Kingdom that she bought in her game store for her idle game and her as it's Queen

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A role play with several locations, tons of roles, and endless possibilities. Intrigued? Join now for a world of fun.

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(Complete) I backed against the door, and balled my hand into fists, to keep myself from panicking. "I..." Another step. We were now inches apart and he stood in front of me, his face in the shadows. "Who are you?", he asked, his voice sending shivers down my spine. I couldn't tell him! Or, should I? ~~~~~~~~ In which a princess must keep her cover in a Court hosting her kingdom's enemies, and struggles under the scrutiny of her allies' Crown prince. She finds her kingdom's secret to discover with his help, but will that be enough to secure her lineage to the throne? Or will her father's spineless enemy finally get his revenge? ~~~~~~~~ Highest rankings: #1 kingsandqueens #1 secretidentity #1 annabelle #3 historicalfiction #4 runaway #7 princess #88 story

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"'There are two types of fear. The type that controls you and the type that feeds your fire.' He stands. 'Don't let your fear control you, Ana. You are stronger than you think. Let your fear feed your fire.'" All Princess Anastasia wants is to be normal. No balls. No dresses. And no kingdom watching her every move. She yearns to live a normal life in the village below the castle, but being the royal heir to the Five Kingdom's throne doesn't exactly lead to having a normal lifestyle. When the princes of the Five Kingdoms come together to win Princess Anastasia's hand in marriage, Ana has no choice but to face her destiny head on. Will she be able to do what is right for her kingdom? Will she be able to do what is right for herself? Ana won't give up her kingdom easily. Especially when the kingdom's rivals do a surprise attack leading to the most life changing event Anastasia has ever faced. . .

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12 Zodiac Kingdoms are now the edge of war. After a terrible accident, ophichus has been revived and will release chaos in the world. It's now up to the zodiacs to fix this mistake. I am very bad at descriptions. The credits for the pictures, art in this book, and the cover go to their creators. Thank you.

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These Are Kingdom Hearts One Shots Written By Me! Complete :) go check out the sequel Kingdom Hearts Oneshots Book 2 HIGHEST RANK - #2 In Kingdom Hearts