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When Alejandro Bale, an ill-tempered, over-pampered, dagger-tongued and angst-stricken rich boy transfers to Crescent High, he isn't expecting to meet this mess. There's a crackhead delinquent wishing for Alejandro's head on a spike. There's the cliché homophobic best friend who is lowkey on the hunt for RuPaul's head on a spike. And there's the awkward badboy footballer wet-dreaming every single day about Alejandro's mouth around his spike. Add some sprinkles of white lies, diabetes meds, misplaced family ties, nutella lubes and karate classes. And we have ourselves a recipe for the perfect gingerbread man; flavored with saliva and semen, blood and water. Cover by hireath- ♥ Winner of multiple awards. Featured on official ProjectBadBoys; Knights.

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loads of shit happens down in South Park what's more to come now? the complexity of teen romance. (1/2 sequel)

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"You work in a mafia," She says, playing with her toy car. Her brother stared at her, in shock. "No, we don't," Gina looks at him and stared at him with a serious look. "I'm Eight, not one," __ At a very young age, Gina lived with her father. It wasn't just them but sometimes it felt like it, even do her father had men walking in and out of his office with serious faces. Not once had they spoken to her. Gina was smart and would catch on to very confusing details but she would never care to ask questions. Until something bad happened and she ends up in the arms of the siblings she's only seen in pictures and the ones she's only heard of. Secrets, old enemies, and challenging problems arise causing two families that hate each other to try and work so perfectly as they once did; Together. ..... Publish 11/24/21 Started- Aug/2/20 Ended-

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❝'cause i'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby❞ max mayfield x fem reader slowburn started: 08.25.22 ended: 08.28.22

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Follow the story of our quirkless protagonist as he tries his best to lift the status quo that all quirkless people are useless. Will he be able to become a top hero, or will he be brought back down and forced to life the life everyone expects of a quirkless person? -------------------------------------------------------------------- (I don't own My Hero Academia or Iron Man/Marvel. I just own my oc) (I don't own any images, art, or videos I use unless stated otherwise) (Has some foul language) (Will have lots of elements based off of Iron Man/Avengers/Marvel)

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Ed sheeran meets the love of his life, and the white guy finds a bit of spice.

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Because, let's face it, finding non-overused actors are a struggle at times. ❦ #780 in Non-Fiction #134 in Non-Fiction #60 in Non-Fiction #3 in Face Claims

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The chickens take a trip with the Harpercops to a farm while visiting some relatives. There, Ginger, Rocky and the flock meet a skittish pig named Wilbur. But the little swine's life is in danger once he learns that he'll be killed for Christmas dinner. All hope seems lost until the gang meets Charlotte, a friendly spider who becomes their most unlikeliest companion. Now, Ginger, Rocky and the rest of the gang help Charlotte hatch a plan, determined to save Wilbur's life by making him Some, Terrific, Radiant, Humble Pig! As the animals show to the world that miracles do happen. NOTES: Not entirely proud of this one cause it was such an obvious choice, but whatever (thought I'd get that out). Only my OCs belong to me.

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Changes Book 2 With the four now tackling college life in search of accomplishing their hopes and dreams. Being away from those they love and only seeing each other a minute amount of time throughout the years. Will Y/N and Lizzie make it Go the Distance.

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Working with @blackwidowwitch Y/N Romanoff was the biological sister of Natasha Romanoff. Only older by a year. The two along with Yelena lived the beginning of their lives with Melina and Alexei until the three were separated.

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Sequel to Kiwi Based off of the song Call You Mine by Daughtry It has been a few years since the accident. Y/N and Lizzie are no longer together but they have both decided to raise Kai together still. Y/N moved back into their old apartment, leaving Lizzie and Kai with the house. Lizzie had managed to move on from Y/N, who remains in her slump especially since she has lost the ability to play again.

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Y/N is Billy and Tommy's best friend. He has hung around the Maximoff residence with the twins. Wanda has watched him grow up to be a fine young man at the age of 18. He went to the Westview Community College to pursue Auto Shop so he could take over his fathers repair shop. What happens when Wanda needs help?

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AU Working with @aloneodi Y/N is a surgeon who works at St Marks Memorial in LA. His colleague Colin asked if Y/N would go on a double date with him as he set him up with his dates friend.

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Alice Barakat is a seventeen year old vampire. She tends to keep to herself and not make any human friends. Though, she does have one. She thought she could go through highschool normally. Though, that is, until her math teacher finds out she's a fucking vampire.

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Y/N Y/L/N is a chef/property owner who owns his own restaurant in London. Lizzie comes to London to film MoM after a break up. what happens when the two finally meet.