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Lady Narcissa Malfoy and Heir Draco Malfoy meet Lady Holly Potter in Madame Malkin's Robes For All Occasion's, and realize she is something far more precious than just the Girl-Who-Lived. Holly comes to live with them at Malfoy Manor. Come along with Holly, Draco, and their friends as they navigate Hogwarts, love, pureblood society, and a meddlesome Headmaster. Soulmark AU, Fem!Harry, Slytherin!Harry.

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Married For Peace between the Dark and the Light The marriage between Heiress Violet Roselle Potter and Lord Thomas Marvolo Slytherin. Tomarry

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The truth will always come out.

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What the wind or tide drives in from the ocean upon a wave. In which the wizarding world watches the life of their saviour. or In which the daughter of Poseidon falls for the Sun God. as of 18th July 2022: #1 apollo #8 watchingthemovies #9 femharrypotter

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Estelle Potter couldn't handle it anymore. She was fed up with all of her popularity that just sky rocketed through the roof after she defeated the dark lord, along with her war paranoia as well as her nightmares. So she decided that it's time she finds a new place to spend her life with her little godson, teddy. Eventually, she ends up in Forks Washington, America. There her life will take a turn, but for what? for the better or worse? Will she meet her mates there? Will she accept her mates? Will her mates accept her? Will her mate's family accept her?

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There are many things in Cassiopeias life that she didn't know how to deal with, and she wondered what she could do to make a living and still be proud of her accomplishments. After her name came out of the goblet of fire, she tries to create a life for herself... FemaleHarryPotter. Rating may change. Abandoned! A new Version is on the way!

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What if harry potter was a girl named Harriet Lily Potter? Voldermort out of pride see the opportunity of the chosen one and decides to raise her as his loyal follower. {The story is getting a little touched up so editing will be happening}

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Drarriet one shot stories. Are you asking why Harriet is wearing a Slytherin scarf or robe? Or how Drarriet happened? Read to find out. Every story has it's au original and inspired Best rankings : #1 in malfoy060 ( 18/12/22 ) #2 in drarriet ( 18/12/22 ) #2 in Femaleharryxdraco ( 18/12/22 ) #1 in thegirlwholived ( 20/12/22 ) Enjoy !

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Hari Potter isn't like any one else. She's different. She's stronger. She's Darker. And really hella emotional.

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day of wrath . . . A story, where Albus Dumbledore fooled the whole wizarding world for the Greater Good. or In which Dumbledore unknowingly created a monster that couldn't be stopped.

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My name is Amara O'Connell. I wasn't born an O'Connell I was born a Potter. I have an older brother named James Potter Jr. When Voldemort came to attack the Potter's James and Lily were out. He attacked all two of us, we were all affected that night. So when the all-mighty Dumbledore came and picked the chosen one he made a miscalculation and picked the wrong child. This miscalculation will cost the wizarding world greatly. Due to this miscalculation, I spent the first five years of my life a freak, beaten, put down, and locked away. I was then found and loved but the past never truly went away. I've grown and changed and learned from the past and the voice in my head. The wizarding world is going to change, they are going to either live in my new world or die in their old one.

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The Girl Who Lived left the Dursley's care when she was very young, into the family of fire. Now, under a new name, with knowledge of her true heritage, she will not be Dumbledore's pawn but be the fire that will change the Wizarding world... for better or worse. Right's to the owners

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Being forced to compete in the Triwizard Tournament was never part of her plan. Neither was being thrown out of her dorm by her friends but here she was. Now in the middle of a deadly tournament, Harleyn Potter is forced to question everything she's ever known. How will she cope with the pressure coming from the Wizarding World and what secrets are waiting for her to uncover? But more importantly, what does her mother have to do with a secret dating back to the Open War?

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A year after defeating Voldemort, Heather uncovers many truths and deceptions in her life. Wanting revenge and to start a new chapter in her life, she turns to Death. Previous known as Return of a Le Fay-Peverell

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Before Kol was darggered he met a different type of magic users. After Kol helped a family they were determine to help Kol get his magic back. They didn't find a way till after Kol was daggered but by then their world was in war. Years later and a girl from the family who lost everything to save her world, they finally turned against her. She takes what's left of her broken family and leaves. What happens when before the could leave for good they get blinded by a light and awake in a theater room with the people they wanted to leave and some new comers they would meet in the future. Together they will after to watch the future to save and stop each other. WTM // WTS Kol Mikaelson x Female potter