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I'm new at this fanfic stuff so please don't hate me. This is going to start in high school. Jack is single and sees the new girl(Elsa). Elsa is the new girl and meets Jack and falls in love with him. Elsa is going through a hard time cause its her first time in love and it's eats her side not tell Jack. This is the first fanfic I have written so don't judge me. I'm in love with Jelsa so much. But would u like ☀️RapunzelXJack❄️ or ❄️JackXElsa❄️

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My name is Elsa and I live in a land called Arendelle and I am to be it's future queen. But can anyone rule a kingdom of isolation and be the queen. I hope to try with my mantra "conceal, don't feel, don't let them know" because you see I have a terrible curse.

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When Elsa saves her kingdom from an eternal winter she continues to be Queen. Now everyone is expecting her to lead with a King. With that in mind Elsa meets a mysterious stranger. That stranger turns out to be Jack Frost, but the matters of his visit he is keeping secret from Elsa and the time they spend together will soon have to come to an end.

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A bunch of trash stories that goes on in my mind about Jelsa.

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[EDITING,but i still post updates] After the chase for Pitch the Boogieman, Jack Frost took an oath to be one of the guardians. When they got back to Santa's workshop, he favoured the others to let him have a vacation because he needs to find someone se heard of in a dream; a dream given to him by Sandy the Sandman. Meanwhile, back at Arendelle, Prince Hans' father, King Giovanni, requested the audience of the Queen of Arendelle, Elsa, to personally apologize for his son's mishaps and to congratulate her as well. But to meet the King and Queen of the Southern Isles, Elsa needs her crown back! The crown she threw away back at the North Mountain. How would they meet then? How would their worlds connect?

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When I was little I met a boy who was 15 years older than me. He was new in Arendelle since he just moved there to work. No one knew much about him. Many knew just his age and name. One day I met him. He told me his name personally and that was the last time I saw him. He saved me and I am sorry, Jack Overland. I was just a helpless child. Who was he and who am I? Read our story. ~ Elsa ~

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Jack Frost, the one that no one could see, has been reassigned to protect Queen Elsa from harm. But can Jack keep his feelings at bay for the Queen when the time comes to protect the heart that he holds dearest?

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(Sequel to He who rescued me) Eternal love is something that you wish for but the matter of it existing or not can be questioned. Do you believe in it? Also sometimes the painful past may cause us sleepless nights. Jack Frost realized that after being guardian for a long time. Will fun overcome fear? When Jack is having hard times, Man of the Moon calls upon Her. There is a legend of Maiden of the Moon told by the Guardians, she has been there forever. Will her help be on time? Is it possible to fall in love twice in your lifetime?

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CURRENT WIP: REWRITE/EDIT OF ENTIRE BOOK! *5/20 chapters edited* - Meet Elsa Arendelle. She's one of the most popular girls in her high school, Ever After High. Along with her best friends Hiccup, Rapunzel, and Merida, they are known to their fellow classmates as 'the big four'. 'The big four' is the most popular group in their entire school. No one even dares to set foot in front of them in the hallway. When a new kid comes along during their senior years, it turns their whole worlds upside down. That kid sure was a troublemaker. And his name happened to be Jack Frost. -

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*Cover Credit to the Arctic Scarf* A collection of Jelsa (Jack x Elsa) one shots written with no particular theme or order.

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Jack and Elsa are roomates fun parks and love.

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What happens when Jack Frost has a problem that only one person could fix? That person was a girl named Elsa, the Princess and future Queen of Arendelle. They both could control ice and snow but how would the joyful Jack deal with strict and unsecure Elsa? Read about their story. Will Elsa be able to help Jack when their paths collide? See me, feel me: finished with 47 chapters. NOTICE! This book contains also the Sequel: See us, feel us.

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Jack met her when Elsa was only a child. He showed her how to use her powers, and their friendship grew. Until things took a turn for the worse... Follow Jack Frost of Rise of the Guardians (DreamWorks) and Elsa of Frozen (Disney) in a heart-wrenching story about finding your own place and someone to be there with you, no matter what. This fanfiction contains spoilers from the movies Frozen (Disney) and Rise of the Guardians (DreamWorks.)

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(sequel to the Jelsa fanfiction Ice Cold) Elsa has been dead for a long time, and finally, Jack has gained happiness again. Kids have began to see him, he's a guardian, and he finally has friends. Until one day, North gets another message from Man in Moon. He has chosen a new guardian. And it's Elsa. Note from the author: as requested from many people, I'm rereleasing the sequel to my original fic, Ice Cold. Enjoy.

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Elsa has pushed away her sister for the sake of her protection, and her parents, the only people she thought could understand her powers, had died years ago in a tragic storm at sea. She's alone. Or so she thought. One day, a white-haired boy in a blue sweater swooped in and changed her life. Literally.