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Texas Famous Y/N Scott runs Houston alongside her cousin Travis. Together they're the leaders of the Black Disciples. Y/N lives a dangerous lifestyle that's not filled with love. All she knows is guns, killing, drugs, and money. Beyoncé Knowles is in need of money and she needs it quickly. Her mother kicked her out so she was forced to live with her best friend. Being poor wasn't exactly Beyoncé's dream. Her best friend, Onika, suggests that in order to make quick money she should go into business with Y/N. The gang leader is always open to business partnerships. Needing to get back on her feet, Beyoncé is intrigued by the idea. Except she doesn't have a proper business offer or a business at all. What is she gonna offer instead?

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In this story, Karen and Drew (foster parents of Onika, Dwayne and Aubrey) are faced with trying to keep their troubled 17 year old foster daughter Onika on a straight path. But what will happen when they take in a 16 year old girl named Beyonce who is troubled as well. Will this cause Onika to lash out even more? Will the two troubled girls get along? Read to find out. #2 Beyonce Knowles story as of September 3rd, 2021

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What if y/n had a daughter (Bianca Kathrys Knowles) with her Grammy Awarded Ex-Wife? How do they manage to communicate and Co-Parent to their innocent child? Even though they still have feelings for eachother? Y/N divorced Beyoncé because she didn't got enough time with them and to her being a busy artist. bey (gp!) Read to know tho.

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Beyoncé Knowles is a 17 year old junior in high school. Her parents own a company in downtown New York. They have several buildings all over the country. Beyoncé is very intelligent and has a very good heart towards people. One day Beyoncé sees a boy in needu . e by the name of Shawn Carter. He doesn't have any family and leaves off the streets. Beyoncé and Jay-Z lock eyes and they see something others can't. How can Rich mix with Poor? Read to find out✌️❤️

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Since the original got taken down , let's get back into the adventures of Beyoncé and JAY-Z and the ups and downs of having an open marriage

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Imani Johnson 13 yrs. old girl and Kacey Johnson 6 yrs. old are sisters who ran away from the foster home that treated them badly. They are now alone homeless on the streets of New York. Until one day Kacey notices cameras flashing when she wandered away from Imani. She finally sees who it is one of Imani's inspirations and asks for a picture. Beyonce then get to know her and falls in love with her. She soon adopts both Imani and Kacey. Read to find out how life is for both of them

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Asia Monet Ray is Beyoncè daughter. No one knows about Asia beyonce even forgot about her on daughter. One day asia foster parents had to tell Asia her real parents and why they felt. Asia was so excited to find out and at the same to not because they might leave her for a stupid reason. When Asia finds out she was shocked ! Some how it got on the news world wide. Beyonce found out and wanted her back! P.s :// it's a dance moms fanfiction !!! NOT WRITING ANYMORE

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Beyonce new album lyrics

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DON'T LIKE, DON'T READ! You have been warned! Beyoncé's been having a hard time getting over her and Jay-Z's divorce, and raising her baby, Blue, all by herself. Then, Ciara comes. Ciara helps Beyoncé get back on her feet, acts as if Blue was her own, and could be a therapist if she wasn't an artist. What will happen when Beyoncé develops feelings for Ciara? Will she accept and confess? Or deny and hide?

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My momma work all day. No sleep, no relaxation, and definitely no time to slack. From show to show she rehearses and edits her music. My momma a true definition of a hard-working woman.

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Imagines for y/n and Beyoncé read to find out more my loves🙂

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The Story of a young girl who thinks nothing is great in her life. When she looks at her Idol Beyonce she wish she could be like her. Sometimes be carful what you wish for! (EDITING IN PROCESS!!!)

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