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Gerald Mulroney and Robert Van Lowden are partners of one of the biggest e-commerce companies in the States. Their sudden death in a helicopter accident leaves their empire in disorder. When the opening of the will happens, all their children find out that in order for everyone to receive their shares of the company, Gerald's daughter, Eleanor, and Robert's oldest son, Jack, have to marry. The will even has a prenup that is already drawn. In order for everyone to receive the full extent and control of the shares, Jack and Eleanor will have to live together for five years. This book promises romance, a fight for the CEO place, control of shares and the reveal of a lot of secrets. Who will turn out victorious? © All Rights Reserved

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The Arrangment

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It may or may not be a normal story about an arranged marriage. Two kids who agree to marry each other for different reasons and with very different goals in life. Complete 🏅1- jiminff 🏅1- parkjimin 🏅1- btsjimin 🏅1- Kpopidols 🏅2- forcedmarriage 🏅3- btsfanfic 🏅3- kpopfanfic 🏅3- btsarmy 🏅3- taehyung 🏅3- Kpop 🏅5-ff 🏅12- jimin 🏆 1st place in the "Fluorite Awards" in the Jimin category 🏆 -3rd place in the "Up your game awards" Jimin category Also scored 🏅159 out of 1,25million stories in the category "fanfiction"

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The story revolves around a cricketer and a normal traditional girl who is tied in a relationship know as marriage. will they accept this arranged marriage ? will they find love in this marriage ? will they reveal their marriage ? 23 - 07 - 2019 #01 prank 14 - 07 - 2019 #01 wedlock 14 - 07 - 2019 #01 cricketer 14 - 07 - 2019 #01 msd 11 - 10 - 2019 #02 Tamil 14 - 07 - 2019 #18 fun #arrangedmarriage #cricketer #love #romance

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COMPLETED✅ Arturo Vasquez - Head of Spanish mafia - was planning on accepting the proposal of Russian mafia leader Ivan Volkov's for his daughter, Aiyana, for her hand in marriage. Laying the cards down on the table, Marco Dominic Valentino - Head of the Italian mafia - makes a better counteroffer, hence it's settled that Aiyana would marry Amren Valentino, the heir for the Italian mafia. They only met once before they're married, but sometimes once is enough. Challenges and hurdles thrust their way left and right, leaving the couple no chance but to manifest this fake relationship into something real. ❣️•••❣️ Excerpt : "I think I'm strong enough to handle myself" She confesses with specks of anger darting through her eyes. I groan "You are, but it doesn't mean I like you being away from me in case anything happens" I stress my words, my breath hitting her face in gentle waves. "Shall you put me on a leash too?" She spits defiantly, smelling the tinge of alcohol on her breath, the knife digging deeper into my skin, I feel it's only moments away from piercing through my skin. My eyes snap to her angry contortions, her eyebrows furrowed, mouth slightly agape. "Come on, dance with me. The earth is spinning, we can't just stand on it" ❣️•••❣️ *I do not own any of the pictures used in this book, they belong to their rightful owners. *contains cursing. *contains mature themes. *focuses more on the romantic aspect, but I guarantee there's some action;) HIGHEST RANKINGS: #1 in mafiamarriage #7 in ForcedMarriage #1 in mafiaking #4 in arranged #10 in arrangedmarriage #2 in fastpaced #1 in fake #1 in darkacademia #3 in mafia #7 in completed #11 in youngadult #2 in enemies #1 in enemiestolovers #1 in drama #1 in spicy

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y/n and Taehyung who are no way in love with each other are arranged into a marriage by their parents...how would they live as a married couple and what problems would they face ...will they fall in love with each other.? if yes then who will fall first and how? It's not cringe,I tried not to make it. First few chapters(upto 5-6) may seems bad but hang in there.

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Ishaan Singhania is my personal tormentor sent from hell. First, he makes me fall in love with him without his knowledge and then friend zoned me. Second, he spreads rumors about me being a whore and gets my marriage canceled, causing my Papa to get a heart attack. Third, he dares to ask my parents for my hand in marriage to make my life living hell.

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An arranged marriage tale with a mix of family drama and siblings bond.

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Skye Rhodes is a normal teenage who just wants to live life smoothly, until her parents arranges a marriage. Forced to marry a jerk from her school, Skye needs to stop her wedding from her parents forcing her to marry Landon, her future husband.

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I've always known I was going to have an arranged marriage. It's tradition. My parents' marriage was arranged, and so is everyone else's. Its how we do things here. It's common in crime families and expected in ours. And as the daughter of one of the most prominent West Coast Italian families, I knew I was destined to marry into the familia. I just didn't know it would be to the boss.

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❝ Jungkook has always been afraid of falling in love. But what happens when he is forced to marry a girl who's already heartbroken? ❞ ©JEONLUVV

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❛❛Love? I wasn't in love. I never had feelings for you. All of that is merely a set of delusions you've built in your mind, Y/N.❞ This is the story of an arranged marriage that became a love marriage when the gap between them was filled with a tiny toothless smile. Date Started: 04 April 2021 Date Finished: 02 June 2022 Status: COMPLETED ✧ cover by @rainymoonyuri © kook4u 2021

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(unedited) She went to attend the marriage of her cousin sister but something happened she had to take her place. "Mumma please I am here to attend the marriage ,not to marry"

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Y/N is married to her sister's Brother in Law as his fiance eloped with her boyfriend on their wedding day.... Journey of two complete strangers who met on their wedding day to be bonded forever ✨ A short Romantic ff...

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♕︎𝐂𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐎𝐟 𝐒𝐡𝐨𝐫𝐭 𝐒𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬♕︎