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Bbrae. Raven is at her weakest state and it is Beast boy's job to protect her
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ACTIVE! Trigon has been defeated, making Raven the most powerful person alive, but she's changed. Her past violently haunts her mind. She's having panic attacks daily and has resorted to other forms of coping. Her life was spiraling downhill. What she doesn't know is that Beastboy is struggling as well. When they both find out, they decide to get better together. Everything is going well... until sparks ignite. What will happen to their relationship? πŸ”₯❀️ Better Together is rated Mature (According to Wattpad's mature guidelines) for bad language, sexual assault, self harm, ED, and mental health. There is no smut/sex in this story.(Continued warnings below) #1 beastboyxraven 3/1/21 #7 BBRAE 11/4/21 #25 insomnia 11/5/21 -------------------------- Important Disclaimers⬇️ 🚨TRIGGER WARNING!:🚨 Mentions of depression, cutting, sexual assault, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, and some minimal blood. *I do NOT own teen titans or the characters (obviously)* πŸ’•Thanks so much for reading! I hope you love Better Together!πŸ’•


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ACTIVE! Raven notices something weird is going on with her body. She decides to take a test and finds out she's pregnant. How will she and Beastboy react to finding out the truth? And how are they going to figure out how to be parents?" Find out by reading "parents"πŸ’œπŸ’š -TTBBRae7πŸ’— #1 BBRAE 2/21/22 My 4th BBRAE book. Go check out the other three! I do not own Teen titans or the characters. Cover drawn by shock777


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I've always wished these two would end up together in the show and I was really sad when they didn't... BUT! Thanks to Wattpad, I can write my own fantasies! C:< These are going to be mainly from the original Teen Titans with some TTG here and there. I do NOT write lemons or smut! (I do not own any of the pictures or characters used/mentioned!)


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Little fluffy original short stories about BBRAE with *all* the feelsπŸ’œπŸ’š ACTIVE!


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A BBRae FanFic. Breaking News: Beast Boy and Raven have finally agreed on something. And that is: Being a Titan is lonely and dating is difficult. But at the age of 18/19, one feels an urge to explore certain feelings and emotions. Or even just to fulfill certain needs. And thus the agreement was formed. It was a simple agreement; an 'I scratch your back, you scratch mine' kind of thing. And to make it even better they designed a few rules to keep things... platonic. (1) Safety first, always (don't want an oops) (2) No one else can know (it'd just make things more complicated). (3) No feelings (because those also make things more complicated). Everything was going to be perfect. The benefit of a relationship, without all of the stress. So, what could possibly go wrong? Oh, yeah those nasty little buggers that ruin every rom-com story: feelings. The most awful of f-words. But what exactly are the feelings plaguing our Titan friends? Is it really just loneliness drawing them together? Or is there something deeper running between the folds of the sheets? One thing they know for sure, the line they are treading between love and lust is a thin one. Which side will they end up on? Only time will tell in this BBRae rom-com fanfic. Couples Featured: BBRae (obviously) RobStar CyBee Flinx CONTENT WARNING: This book is rated Mature. It does contain swearing, mild drug use, and sexual content/smut scenes. Read at your own discretion. Disclaimer: I still do not own the Teen Titans. But if I ever get the license, I will be sure to let you know!