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Xros Over: Sleepover @ Peach's

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My First Story On Wattpad! 5 Chapters Completed! Also, Rip Off From TheBourgyMan's The 3 Little Princesses Comic. Plus, Added A Starting Part, Replaced Some Parts Like: Wii U Party, Nintendo Switch Party (Video Games Parties For Cut The Drinking Game Out And Decrease The Violence In Ch.4) And Change Activity From Pillow Fight To Karaoke. This Story Is About: Taichi "Tai" Kamiya, Princess Daisy's Teammate And Yamato "Matt" Ishida, Princess Peach's Teammate Goes To Peach's Castle For The Friendship Harmony. Settle On Mario Day 10 March 2017. (English Version) Once Completed After This One, I'll Write: Traveling With DigiDestined And Princesses But There Are Tea Party First. But: Takeru "T.K." Takaishi And Hikari "Kari" Kamiya, Their Brother(Bros.)/Sister(Sis.) Has Also Came To Mushroom Kingdom In That Night Too What Will Happened? The Friendship Will Shake Eachother? Find Out Here! 3 Boys 3 Girls. No AU, No Love And No Y(aoi) (Y(uri)). Friendship Only And I Guaranteed There Are NO Violence In This Sleepover Anymore. Allowed Only For Alittle
DISCLAIMER: I Don't Own Digimon Series Or Super Mario Series!, They Owned By Nintendo And BANDAI-NAMCO Entertainment, That They Make Mario Kart Arcade GP For Everyone Like Us. Republic Record For The Song And The Original Comic By: Yves Bourgelas "TheBourgyMan" Except Story's Idea. Once Again! I Don't Own Anything Except Story's Idea!
© 1985 Nintendo
© 1999 Toei Animation, BANDAI-NAMCO Entertainment
© 2014 Republic Record
Original Comic By © 2012 Yves Bourgelas "TheBourgyMan"
Story/Ripped Off By © 2017 utanokatyperry
All Rights Reserved
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