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Wszystko co musisz wiedzieć o My Chemical Romance

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Mini poradnik dla nowych fanów My Chemical Romance, czyli wszystko, co sama chciałabym wiedzieć na wstępie.
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The Bad Boy and The Tomboy is now published as a Wattpad Book! As a Wattpad reader, you can access both the Original Edition and Books Edition upon purchase. Nicknames, a love of soccer, and school rumors are all the bad boy and the tomboy have in common. But if they give each other a chance, will they find something more? ***** Seventeen-year-old Macy Anderson is a tomboy that plays soccer, hangs with the guys, can't stand girls (except her best friend Jasmine) and doesn't know who Sam Cahill is. But when the pair unexpectedly meet, everything goes downhill from there. Because Sam Cahill is the school's bad boy, known for skipping classes and getting into trouble. Not to mention his cocky attitude, British accent, and magnetic charm, which seems to work on all the girls -- except Macy, who has a rule not date in high school. But when Sam starts showing her his moves (on and off the soccer field), Macy begins to see a different guy under the leather-clad exterior. Will that be enough to convince her that he's the one guy worth breaking the rules for? [[Word count: 300,000 - 350,000 words]] [[2015 Watty Winner]] All Rights Reserved- ©nikki20038


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Gaslight is now published as a Wattpad Book! As a Wattpad reader, you can access both the Original Edition and Books Edition upon purchase. ***** Studious seventeen-year-old Maddie must learn self-defense while trying not to fall for her womanizing trainer. ***** When straight-A student Maddie is forced to move to LA, she plans to keep her head down, grades up, and make it through senior year as unnoticeable as possible. But when she stumbles upon an underground boxing match starring the intriguing Hayden Walker, she sees a chance to protect those she loves from her crazy, abusive father. She offers Hayden money in exchange for self-defense lessons, a dangerous arrangement that just might end up changing the pair of them forever. *If you aren't reading this book on Wattpad, it has been stolen. Please report the website!*


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24 Hours in Paris is now published as a Paperback & E-book by W by Wattpad Books (this story is also now available on YONDER, your next-generation reading app from the Wattpad family. Join me on YONDER today by downloading the app for iOS or Android)! As a Wattpad reader, you can now access both the Original Edition and the W by Wattpad Books Published Edition here upon purchase (PS: a review on Amazon (and also Goodreads) would be very much appreciated, to help get this POC rom com in front of more readers! All the review page links are on my Wattpad profile page :-) ) In the new Published Edition of the book, the characters of Mira and Jake will be older and wiser co-workers in the corporate world, who miss their flight and get stuck spending an extra 24 hours in Paris. They'll start off annoyed with each other, but you know how the story goes... "Adorably sweet and a brilliant read! It made me feel like I was roaming the streets of Paris without having to leave my couch." - Grace @HQ Mira finds herself stuck in the city of love with Jake, the playboy athlete she can't stand. What she doesn't expect is for major sparks to fly on their 24-hour adventure. But can this newly-found love last beyond the magic of Paris? ***** On the last day of their class's college trip to Paris, Mira and Jake get tangled up in a debacle that causes them to miss their flight home to New York. Which means they're stuck in Paris until the next available flight that's 24 hours away! Mira is witty and a lover of art history and good cheese. Jake, on the other hand, is your All-American frat boy with a killer smile. Translation: they can't stand each other. As they visit places they could never have imagined, Mira and Jake go from mortal enemies to star-crossed lovers with sizzling chemistry. But can their spark last without Paris' cheese and charm to keep it going? [[word count: 50,000-60,000 words]] Cover designed by Ray Gardener


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The only thing Mia Hope has in common with Jake Carpenter, Artwood High's most popular quarterback, is a love for the coffee served at The Coffee Pod. He wants her to tutor him - and if she can do it without a single cup of coffee, he'll pay her triple. Easy. Nothing could go wrong, right? ***** When Jake learns he's failing English, he knows he needs to pull his grades up or he'll risk being kicked off the football team. He strikes a deal with the elusive Mia - the quiet girl with secrets. If she can't go without a single cup of coffee, she has to tutor him for free. If she can, he'll pay her triple, and with Christmas around the corner, there's nothing Mia needs more than money. But as the pair grow closer, Jake learns the real reason for Mia's bad habit, and what starts as an innocent bet between enemies grows into something more serious. Can the pair survive the next two months with their hearts - and secrets - still intact? Content/trigger warning: This story contains themes of assault and abuse. [[word count: 60,000 - 70,000]] Cover designed by Jenna Conrad The Coffee Pact now has a sequel: The Kissing Pact


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When Desmond Mellow transfers to an elite all-boys high school, he immediately gets a bad impression of his new deskmate, Ivan Moonrich. Gorgeous, mysterious, and menacing, Ivan is exactly what Desmond doesn't need in his life - or so he thinks... ***** After causing trouble in his previous high school, Desmond is struggling to adapt to his new environment at Ivory High and to stop living in the shadow of his perfect older brother. As usual, trouble follows Desmond wherever he goes and nothing is going well. To make matters worse, he seems to have attracted the attention of The Class Prince, aka the infamous Ivan Moonrich. But despite their rocky start, Desmond begins to grow feelings for Ivan, discovering a new side of his identity that he never thought to experience. [[word count: 50,000 - 60,000]] Cover designed by Joe Resch


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Accused of an assault he doesn't remember, Ricky's senior year is made doubly complicated when he falls for the victim's best friend, Olivia - his only alibi. *** Growing up among New York's high society seems glamorous from the outside, but looks can be deceiving. 17-year-old Ricky, who's cultivated a long list of rumors because of his bad boy behavior, knows this first-hand. But when he's wrongly accused of sexually assaulting a classmate, things take a turn. Especially when discovering the victim's best friend, Olivia, is his only alibi. With feelings quickly growing stronger between them, Ricky can't help falling for Olivia's kind nature, yet complications lurk around every corner, made worse still by the dark secret Ricky's been hiding for years, and his biggest fear is someone uncovering the truth behind the rumors. What will happen to Olivia and Ricky when the secret finally comes out? It's a long way down from high society to rock bottom. Content Warning: This story is a depiction of real life. It, therefore, contains mature content in the form of sexual assault, explicit language, violence (involving minors), sex, drinking, and drug use. Just like real life does. By continuing, you understand you'll be reading themes of a more mature nature, and that some might be triggering. (16+) Readers say: "I love this book with all my heart! - Absolutely worth its price." "I haven't been able to put it down!" "Olivia and Ricky are really melting my heart." "I'm loving how the story is progressing. Perfectly paced." "I think it's one of the most realistic stories I have read on here!" "Great details and descriptions throughout the story." "I love the unexpected twists, turns, and non-cliché characters." "I hope a lot of people will take that chance to read your story, it is really worth it." ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ All 5-STAR ratings on GoodReads. [[word count: 300,000-350,000 words]]


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When Liz Charleston's ex-best friend suddenly returns with a plan to take revenge on her, drama seems inevitable - but who knew revenge could be so handsome? ***** Two years ago Liz Charleston made the biggest mistake of her life by rejecting her best friend, the only guy she has ever cared about. Desperate to become popular and join the junior varsity cheerleading team, she breaks his heart. Two years later, Frank is back, transformed into Taylor Blackstone, the new kid from New York who has it all. He's taller, stronger and hotter than ever, with a long line of girls that have no idea who he really is - except Liz, the girl who betrayed him two years ago. And he is determined to make her regret ever pushing him away. [[word count: 100,000-150,000 words]] This story is now available on YONDER, your next-generation reading app from the Wattpad family. Join me on YONDER today! Find it now in your app store.


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WATTPAD BOOKS EDITION. Love is a chemical reaction. When Jordan Hughes arrives at Pinecrest High School, Elliot Goldman's graduating year suddenly gets a lot more interesting. Smart, good looking and charming, Jordan isn't exactly the kind of person Elliot's used to having as a lab partner. But when they start acing their assignments, life is suddenly about more than boring lectures, bad cafeteria nachos, or relentless bullying, and for the first time ever, Elliot can't wait to get to chemistry class. As they start spending more time together outside of school, Elliot realizes he's never met anyone quite like Jordan. And then everything changes one night when Jordan kisses him, making Elliot question everything about their relationship and about himself. The butterflies start to make sense-the trouble is, right now, nothing else does. Love was the last thing on Elliot's mind. But as he begins to figure out how he really feels about Jordan, he realizes that sometimes the last thing you are looking for is the one thing you need the most.


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Still With Me is now published as a Wattpad Book! As a Wattpad reader, you can access both the Original Edition and Books Edition upon purchase. In the third and final book of the "With Me" series, old and new dangers hide around every corner as Amelia and Aiden fight to stay above the drama that threatens to pull them under. ***** After surviving the impossible, all Amelia wants is a normal senior year with the love of her life by her side. But you can only run so far from the past. With painful secrets coming to light, dark truths being uncovered, and enemies attacking from all angles, normal is the last thing she and Aiden can count on. As the dangers they've been running from reach a crescendo, Amelia and Aiden's love is tested like never before. Love may not be easy, but they know some things are worth risking everything for. [[Word count: 60,000 - 70,000]] Cover designed by Laura Mensinga Book Three of the With Me series Content and trigger warning: This story contains violence and mentions rape and drug use


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WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION The Bro Code says to leave no bro behind... But what happens when you have to choose between love and friendship? ***** Nick Maguire would never betray his best friends, Carter and Austin, by breaking The Bro Code, and he knows they'd never do that either. They've got each other's backs. That is, until Carter's sister, Eliza, returns from Australia. Unfortunately, Eliza is basically incredible, and Nick almost immediately falls head over heels. The two begin to form an undeniable bond that crackles with electricity - and spells a whole lot of trouble. Nick is about to find out that codes are made to be broken. [[word count: 60,000-70,000 words]]