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Would you rather Michael Jackson Edition Volume 1

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In this book there will be some would you rather question so I hope you are ready!!πŸ˜†β€οΈ

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Janne keliye padhna padega πŸ˜œπŸ€—


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❝ CLEANING THE HOUSE IS NOT 'MALEWIFE BEHAVIOUR', IT'S CALLED BEING A RESPONSIBLE ADULT. ❞ ━━━ al-haitham's friends scribble his phone number in one of the stalls of the girls' washroom, and he ends up getting a message at 3 am. [ al-haitham x fem!reader ] [ chatfic/textfic ]


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|SMUT ONESHOTS| THANKS FOR 107k! α₯«α­‘ im simply improving my writing. (I take requests) ~It might be triggers in this book soo be careful. ~I try to post new chapters every weekend.


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"Kiddo he is your biological dad. He wants to talk to you and take you back to Spain." Those few words changed Vivian's whole life. Those words led her to become Vivian Jenna Smith Martinez from just Vivian Smith. ________________________________ NUESTRA ESTRELLA (Our Star ~ Spanish) Vivian Smith, a 22 year old sweet, kind, mischievous, talented and beautiful girl who has a perfect family with her parents and an elder, annoying brother. Being one of the best event planners and interior designers at her young age, she's living a happy, normal and amazing life. But maybe that normal isn't normal anymore. William GarcΓ­a Martinez, ex-mafia don and father of six kids, five boys and one lost little angle. But maybe that angle isn't lost anymore. Five brothers, Callan, Lucas, Roman, River and Rian, barely remembering the little angel they couldn't hold for long. Their hearts having a little empty feeling, longing for their lost princess. But maybe that longing isn't a longing anymore. Follow Vivian on her journey of life as she finds the truth about her birth, shifts to a whole new life with a whole new and big family and has the usual ups and downs of life. And maybe, just maybe, finds love on the way as well. _________________________________ The story contains mild swearing and violence. Please read at your own risk. _________________________________ The first few chapters are not my best work so please don't mind them. Also please don't ignore this story just because of the first few chapters. It gets better. Believe me. I'll rewrite the first few chapters once I've completed the story but please till then, ignore the writing skills in those chapters since I was new to writing then. _________________________________ Story starting date : 25 February 2021 Story ending date : hopefully soon


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#1 on pumpkin 20th September'18 What do you think a nerdy blonde would do if she comes across the mafia? and not just any mafia Italy's most notorious mafia the leader of "Black Angel" He's cold as ice with a heart made of to find out "Come on pumpkin you're mine now." he said as he came closer looking intimidating but it didn't scare me. Okay maybe a little .. "Who the hell do you think you are? my father?"I said . "No girly I'm the one who your father owed to." he replied, he was so close now that I could smell his musky cologne. "Owed?? what are you a banker or some thing?" I said confused. "No bunny I'm a mafia "he said. And I couldn't hold it anymore I burst out laughing "hahaha you're a mafia" I was laughing so hard I couldn't hold it tapping my thighs repeatedly. "Oh bunny you think this is funny?" he sneered then I heard the glock of the gun and noticed the gun pointed to my head !!! Cover by @LuxRaven


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RACE TO THE MAFIA COVER MADE BY: @Laylaxybae this book is NOT like normal mafia books, this is very unrealistic!! ~~~~~ Leo sits up. "You sure you don't want to sleep on here?" "I'm not sleeping with you." I reply coldly. "I didn't say you had to." He states. "Turn off the lights." I command him. He laughs. "No." I sigh and get off the dingy sofa to turn off the lights. I turn off the lights, "Turn them back on." Leo demands. I laugh, "No." I mock him. ~~~~~ DESCRIPTION: 2 "leaders" who can't seem to settle on a decision. 2 hackers who are ex-assassins. 1 thief who can't shut up. 1 engineer who's a little too happy. 1 soldier who would rather observe and watch the show. All of the Mafia Heirs are put together in a boarding school, which prepares them to lead the Mafia. Something goes wrong, and they are sent on a mission to each of their native countries in order to stop it.....or at least try to. It's a race to try and save the world, a race of life, or death ~~~~~ DISCLAIMER: I used google translate for all of the translations throughout the book, so please correct me if it's wrong :)) This is also my first it's probably shit but be patient w me😫


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#1-Romedy(11/02/2022) #1-Indian love(21/07/2021) #1-Puppy love(02-5-2021) #8-Romance(29/06/2021) # 9-Awesome(30/3/2021) #5-Tease(30/3/2021) #17-cousins(30/3/2021) Abhimanyu khurana is a cold hearted arrogant handsome billionaire mafia don who rules all over the world along with his best friend veer singhaniya with their snap of fingers. Everyone is afraid of him as he likes to see fear in everyone eyes for him except his family... Zoya singhaniya is a gorgeous soft hearted sluggish girl who have a qualities of tortoise. She is queen of her family and Everyone in her family adores her. she is head over heels for abimanyu from her childhood...but afraid of him and craves for his one glance at him.. So, here is the beautiful souls of two chidhood sweethearts which are surrounded by a love, fun,sad and family.


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Here's some NCT things WYR, oneshots, reactions etc Mostly smuts.... Requests are open... Other Kpop groups too if it's part of the request. Yeah hope you like it.


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If you're a writer struggling to improve your craft, this book can help. It breaks down the basics of a good story and good writing. It'll also provide a few tips on how to stay motivated. There's no magical formula for instantly likable stories, but you can lay a strong foundation for a future full of writing that fulfills you. Success starts in your head. A blend of helpful tips and "chicken soup" for your writer soul.