Read Story Worth The Shot (Camilo Madrigal x Reader)

Worth The Shot (Camilo Madrigal x Reader)

Author: SapphireSoup

Status: Writing

Update: 24-05-2022

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Camilo Madrigal. His nerve. His self-obsessed smirk. You wanted nothing to do with him after what he did.

But maybe there's something beneath that smug façade. Maybe he'll let you see it.

And maybe there are secrets about your "ordinary" Encanto family that even you don't know yet.

Best ranks:
#1 in readerxcharacter (February 11, 2022)
#1 in angst (February 24, 2022)

List Chapter

A Market Run-in


The Hallway

The Shattered Dream

Time For Dinner

Sacrifice Play

Creeping at Midnight

Shards of Prophecy

The Pressure of Earth

Never Have I Ever

He Knows

Meet Me in the Market?

Rain on the Parade

Strings and Stones

Moonlit Caller

Secrets and Sunflowers

Sinking Confession



A Shower of Stars

Unwanted Guests

Flameless Investigation

The Alphabet

Songs in the Leaves

Vipers in the Violets (H)

Whisper Whisper (E)

Slumber Party (i)

Don't Forget Me (S)

Ghost Story (C)

Evicted (O)

Hide and Seek (M)

Felix's Family Tradition (i)

Sunset Celebration (N)

Cobwebbed Tunnel (G)


A Lonely Mission

Bitter Bite of the Wind

Cold Candlelight

Dilemma of a Prisoner

The Sin of a Miracle

Heart Bruise

Jury's Out

The Truth


Maze of Memories

Rooftop Vigil

Sun of a Dreary Sky

A Quest, With or Without You

Lurking through Dirt

The Yawning Cavern

They are the Hunters, We are the Foxes

Blue Eyes

He Is Here

Snaking Threat

Trust is a Paper

Buried Breakout

Into the Sun

A Ghost Town

The Warm Chamber

Planned Strike

Icy Dread and Fierce Hope

Eerie Darkness


Whispers of Ghouls

Frostbitten Sacrifice

Moon-White Hair

the golden chant (2. 4.)

Dark Secrets, White Lilies

Brother against Brother

Dizzying Gold Bubbles

No cracks, no breaks, no mistakes

The Red-Brick Wall

dream about me

What It's Like to Be Camilo Madrigal

The Diamond Angel

Dream Amnesia

Mystery of a Pendant

-A Surprise-

Ethereal Starlight Ballade

The Collapse of a World

Harsh Spotlight Glare

Ivy on the Wall

To Dust All Return

The Horror That Remains

Sunlit Search Party

Nothing but Grass and Wind

Slipping Back in Time


Disease and Bad News

The Last Month

Glass Statues