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This is a story about thefamousfilms (aka Bryan) and his friends.

Bryan is an adult now, yet he can't remember anything before he woke up from a coma when he was 7 that had apparently lasted for 3 years, at least that's what everyone said, he had amnesia after and doesn't remember anything. there are many secrets that hide deep in his mind, but there is one thing that he does remember though, Bryan has a secret... he's NOT human...

Started = 6/17/19 (June 17th, 2019)
Finished = discontinued
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13+ So I'm gonna be doing this now. I'll happily take request and when there isn't any I'll just think of random ships. They can either be cannon or not. Just whatever ship you would like. I'll also probably be adding fan art along with incorrect quotes. My favorite ship is David x Lucas from FTO. So there might be a bit of that. Hope you guys enjoy and if not... Trash it.


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Autor notes Hey guys long time no see its been a while I know you probably think that I will abandoned this after I post two chapters but I want to go back to creating stories. This is going to be somewhat of a rewrite of my other scp thefamousfilms book but its going ti be a little different as the ship for this one will be brydev and not brakey. Now for the description. Description: A new scp has been added to the foundation but it seems to be hostal to all that go near it except for one. When the security breach happens and everything goes into chaos can Bryan and his group plus two others escape the foundation or will they die before ven getting to have the chance. I do not own any of the these characters I only own the story it self and some ocs to keep the story going Happy reading. SLOW UPDATES Started: 2/9/2022 Finished: Rankings: #6 for Kayla: 2/12/2022 # 3 for thefamousfilms 2/15/2022 # 1 for thefamousfilms 2/20/2022 # 6 for bryan 2/26/2022 #1 for bryan 3/6/2022 # 1 for thefamousfilms 4/1/2022 #1 for jonjon 6/14/2022


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based off a FNAF role play made by TheFamousFilms made a preview kind of video on my yt channel


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(Will be Editing a lot over the summer) It's a normal day for most of the guilds of Atlantide that was until multiple rifts opened up and spat out demigods into different areas. The wizards must now figure out a way to send these people back to their home. How will the wizards react to the idea of people being half god or reincarnations or them? Will the demigods ever get back home? what kind of interactions will they have? did someone else follow them? what chaos will they bring? *Based off of Fairy tail origins season 5 and origins of Olympus season 2* (my au) Book one: Fairy Tail Demigods Book two: Demigod hero Side Book: Repentance of the Past


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I'm guessing your late heh *(you hear sad laughing coming from outside)*


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Status: Discontinued Time: 06/07/2020 to 07/14/2020 Total word count: Over 670 words ______ What if Bryan was a victim of William Afton and he's been hiding it the entire time? Well, read the story to find out!


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What would happen if Bryan become the new or first mother of the creepypasta 'Bryan was just wondering around a forest nothing wrong here right? Well the forest he was wondering was Slenderman's forest were any people who enter it won't come out alive or never were found again' How will Bryan handle this situation he managed to get himself into how will the animatronics react to it will they hate him more or will they try to get him back from them and face everything that will happen


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(currently in very slow editing) Book one: Fairy Tail Demigods Book two: Demigod Hero *Cover is done by Ryutodark* Growing up in the Orphanage Artemis learned all he could. He was raised like family in the orphanage but nothing felt like a true family bond to him. He always felt like something bigger was in store but he never knew what. All he has is a necklace, a beautifully crafted neck choker which somehow always fit him and him alone. Artemis now in Monarch Academy starts feeling strange, but he could never put his finger on it. What's in store? What will the future hold? Why is he getting these memories and pains? Will he ever find out why he's so protective of a choker and necklace? Will he ever get back home or will home come to him?


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Bryan goes to work one day like normal but soon finds himself in the hospital This story contains: -Blood -family trouble -childhood memories -past trama -idk what else (This story will be updated every day or whenever I have motivation to write and am not busy) Hope you enjoy this story, you never know what might happen next TwT"