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Read story WHISPER'S OF LOVE (sequeal of kwaishen) -☑️ COMPLETED

Author: cutie_pie_sruthi

Category: Romance

Update: 07-08-2020

Status: Writing

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Anchor : we hearby present the award of CEO of the year to Mr. Rithick Kundra from Kundra enterprises.

There came rithick in all his charms he was sinfully handsome. He came to stage head high his walk screamed power..

Rithick : Thank you gentleman for giving this precious award . Its the first award after I took the post of CEO. And it means a lot on this special day I like to thank my parents Mr.& Mrs. Rishab Kundra to always being supportive and to my little brother Rithvik Kundra who gave the encouragement to achieve more.. and last but not least I want to get this award from my mom if you guys don't mind..

Anchor : ofcourse not.

Rithick went down the stage and went towards madhu who was by now having tears in her eyes seeing her son all grown up.. he took her mother's one hand and Rithvik took her other hand both her son escorted her to stage then the anchor gave the trophy to madhu..Madhu pulled rithick down to her by his neck tie because he was taller than her.. which brought smile on everyone's face and kissed his forehead.. then he passed the award to his son who was standing next to her.

Unknown pov :
That's not her place to be. but don't worry i will set everything right!
Unknown : believe me rithick she is not your mom.
Rithick : no this cant be

Rithick : you are nothing but a gold digging w***e who is behind my family just for money and fame.

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