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We won't run away anymore(BrodyxSonic)

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Brody and Sonic have always been on the run from world to world because people where always after their powers but they found to love living on earth but one night will change a lot. Find out what happens in this book
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REQUESTS ARE OPEN FOR BOTH TOM HOLLAND AND PETER PARKER, just comment on a chapter and I'll do my best to fulfil all requests. This is a book full of (hopefully) amazing imagines about Tom Holland and Peter Parker! I will be adding chapters as I write imagines, and Thank you for reading xoxo Best rating: no.1 on tomholland tag


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Harry had lived an awful life so far first his abusive relatives then this huge man comes in and tells him he is actually a wizard and he will be attending a school where he will be taught how to use magic. The one thing he didn't expect was to be told he was famous in this world for something that he knew he had no control over. He had expected this school he was going to be attending to be safe and sound but soon found out it was anything but. For three years now he has fought old voldyshorts and won all the while being sent to the hospital wing and met his godfather. However the one thing that only the sorting hat knows is that the boy is extremely observant and has wisdom way beyond his years and something about his friends and headmaster does not sit well with him. He often wondered why was it that he felt more comfortable around his enemies than his friends. What most people do not know is that young harry is actually destined to be a slytherin, those that do know of this are very few most trusted friends that have also shared the same misfortunes of having to hide their true colours to keep up appearances. But will this New Year change anything for young harry and his close friends? Read to find out..... ⚠️ GRAMMATICAL ERRORS ⚠️ PUNCTUATION ERRORS ⚠️ OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE Highest ranking in fanfiction- #306


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Sonic and Brody have been arrested for stealing a chaos emerald but in reality it was another wolf and hedgehog who are they? find out in this story. (Book 2 of a series of books) (second ship BoltxShadow)

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Izuku Yagi was a Quirkless boy, he get attacked and bullied by his sister and their two friends, abandoned ,Neglected, and forgotten by his own parents. Then after the day his childhood friend "Katsumi Bakugou" told him to kill himself, Izuku had enough and ran away. He then ran into a talking blue hedgehog by the name of "Sonic" and the rest of his pals, they teach Izuku on how use their powers, for Sonic it was his speed and power, his buddy Shadow was for using Guns and his Chaos energy attacks. With all they taught him, Izuku was ready to head to UA and become the greatest hero of all time! (A/N: "The artwork is not mine!!!")


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"Would you ever date a fan?" - In which the uprising star actor who plays Peter Parker aka Spider-Man in the MCU, Tom Holland, falls for one of his fans. And, in which she naturally feels the same way. But he's a celebrity, and she's an ordinary fangirl. What will happen? Would they start dating? Will they even see each other? What would they do for each other? - For | Tom Holland x Female!Reader @Cuppa_Chino Published: 31st March / 1st April, 2019 Ended: ONGOING [semi-inactive] DISCLAIMER: She/Her pronouns are used for the reader for the sole purpose of flow in writing. I write more comfortably this way, and apologise for any inconvenience and/or discomfort that this may bring. This is not done to single out anyone by any means, I hope you all can understand. More messages from author!! [1] I cannot guarantee consistent updates as I will be busy over the next year or two; sincere apologies! D: [2] THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR OVER 100K READS! THIS IS INSANE AND I CAN'T THANK YOU ALL ENOUGH <33 I really really appreciate it!! (AND NOW OVER 200K!! T^T) [3] Translations in Spanish, French, Polish & Italian are now available!! You can access them in the reading list on my page! ^^


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gotta go fast XD I'm making this book because I've seen a few stories with a sonic harems but never one where the reader has powers, so with that said let's make like the theme of the book and run straight in.


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This is what happened after the sonic Movie. Sonics new lifestyle with Tom and Maddie. He has to make new friends and learn a whole new way of living


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Sonic and Brody decided to go on vacation on station square but all that will change after one night. (Book 1 of a series of books)