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We had to be back!

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5 years past the incident in which everyone thought that Karan Shergill was dead, but no. He is a commando and he is stubborn! He did survive the incident and also reunited with his brother Param Shergill whom everyone thought to be dead 8 years back.

Karam and Param decided to carry out the mission to destroy the sleep cells for which they needed to be assumed dead by the world.

Monami Mahajan Shergill (yes, she added SHERGILL to her name) became a well-trained commando and has carried out missions no one even thought of accomplishing. She trains civilians at Parakram Academy and goes for missions whenever the country needs her. She achieved the best she could by serving her country, the title of Major!
She doesn't fear death as she lost her life 5 years ago.
When on duty she is strict and rough, just like Karan but when off-duty she smiles. Not as frequently as she used to before but she hasn't closed the world for herself nor could she ever move on from Karan.

Siddharth and Koel too became well-trained commandos and are next in command after Monami.

Sanjana and Faizi are also commandos with Monami, Siddharth, and Koel.

Faizi and Koel are married and so are Siddharth and Sanjana.
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A continuation of the "Unexpected turn of fate" from my other book - MoRan stories.


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Arrogant Billionaire Karan Shergil Was Forced By Family to Marry An Orphan, sweet and Bubbly Girl who wants to become Doctor.... Karan Shergil Thinks Monami is Gold Digger so he Hates her.....His each And every Word Pierce her Heart.....Will she able to Make him fall for her....Will their Forced Marriage Turns to Love โค Read To know....๐Ÿ˜ This Story Credit goes to Author of "His Replaced Bride".....Credit only goes till Part 25....After that it will be my Original Plot and Lines What are You waiting For...Just Dig into It By the Updates will be know I am kind of busy So please bare with it ~AnaYa


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Faraway from Earth, there exists a planet of wild where falling in love with animals of different forest is considered a crime! Shera, the Lion King of Northern forest of the planet falls in love with Umaaya, the Lioness Queen of Southern forest of the planet. They had their relationship secret. Until one day to be caught by the netizens. Their own people protested against their crime of love & exiled them from the planet. Together they left their bodies, & their souls travelled down to the Earth to get reincarnated. They got reincarnated as shape-shifters with their memories & super powers intact! Although they live on the same planet, yet they are away from each other in distance. Will they succeed in finding their lost love? MoRan~FF!โ™ฅ๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธ โš ๏ธDisclaimer: This story is strictly under copyright of the author. Don't dare to steal/copy/repost without credit!!โš ๏ธ


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A collection of Short Stories and TS (s) on Ziddi Dil Maane Na.


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Ff on ziddi dil maane na. Starting after Monu left the hospital with her father.


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So kaise ho this book contains shorts of moran/karmi being a fan of ziddi dil and maddamsir i started two shorts anyways wanna say enjoy the parts i wish you will like this this shorts


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Someone need to protect, someone need to realize....someone need to be independent..someone need to trust.. Someone need to commit and someone need support ... All need or want something...par jab yeh saari needs intense hai then what about love... Yeh love toh hamesha aa hi jata hai.. Aur iss intense needs me toh more than Intense hop in with me to see this intensity of love in INTENSE LOVE Cover credits- @ _littlebitcrazy_


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Karan, Monami aur unki "kuch baatein" One-shots and short stories on "MoRan" from the show "Ziddi Dil Maane Na"