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We Can Make It If We Try (Styles Triplets X Louis)**ON HOLD**

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Louis is an omega and the school nerd who is poor and abused at school for being gay.Marcel is an alpha and hes a nerd even though he is rich and his brothers are famous in the school, he's prefers to stay in the background.Harry And Edward are alphas and the most popular boys in the school, they're rich and everyone loves them.Lottie, Lou's twin sister, told the whole school that he was gay once she heard him telling their mom that he liked the triplets and he started getting bullied.She later stared dating Harry herself, seeing as she hated Marcel because he was a 'Nerd' and Edward never dated anyone, only one night stands.Marcel and Louis start dating and Harry breaks up with her and months later Edward and Harry express their love to Louis too.


(I suck at descriptions(And spelling) and this is a lil' off ,but who really cares?)


Cover by @hauristilos
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styles triplets x louis a/o/b dynamic "you smell like the sweetest honey"


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"Take him to the beast." Louis jolted at his words as the two guards came and grabbed him by an arm each. "No! Nooo!" Louis screamed loudly, making even Damon flinch. "I'll get you your money Moreno, c'mon don't do this!!" Louis cried as the two guards dragged him out of the room. ------- This is my story original characters are my own, I don't own one direction. Plz ask before translating, Portuguese version available now!


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Eager to reach his families expectations, Louis lives a life of secrecy and denial. In one of the most respected households in Doncaster, there's no room for mistake. But when Louis meets Harry styles in his first year of boarding school, it seems all the more difficult to keep himself In check.


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Louis Tomlinson es un omega de baja estatura con un cuerpo envidiados por todos, y uno de los que muchos alfas quisiera tener bajo ellos. Tiene 17 años y vive en Holmes Chapel, cuenta con solo un amigo: Niall y para él es más que suficiente. Mark Tomlinson, su padre, es uno de los más grandes empresarios de Londres y debido a su trabajo viaja constantemente por lo que él vive en la gran casa del hombre, solo. Emma Tomlinson, su madre, es una exitosa modelo, pero un trágico día fue secuestrada y conforme pasa el tiempo, Louis y su padre pierden las esperanzas. Creyó que su vida no podía ser peor hasta que Mark, le agenda una cita en el Doctor para comprobar si sigue siendo virgen, que no quedó en estado. Y algo en aquella consulta lo arroja a cometer el que probablemente sea el mejor error de su vida. #3 Louis y Harry #4 Harry alfa 28 de marzo 2018


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" No. " " Yes. " " No. " " Yes. " " Go away. " " Be my omega. " *Slap* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Omegas suppose to have shy and submissive traits, not outspoken and commanding. But Louis was always different from other omegas. The three mighty and powerful Alpha Wolves never thought that an unmanageable and rebellious Omega would turn their lives upside down, with the very first touch of their skin. And the same thing goes with the daring Omega as well. It was an accident, how Louis mated with not all the three Alphas but one. But it would be a long walk to fall in love for all of them, when two out of the three mated Alphas wouldn't bare to live under one roof with each other. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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Louis is a small omega living with his best friend,Alpha Liam, in a small apartment.The Styles triplets are well known alphas, Edward being the CEO of Styles co., Harry being a chef and Marcel is a doctor, and harry and Marcel also help their brother with their grandfathers company.Louis has a very rare disease called Infertility wich means that he can't give birth like other omegas can and has weekly check ups at the hospital.Louis and Liam struggle with money seeing as louis is unemployed and liam works at a small club that doesnt pay very well.Louis decides to help his best friend and goes to an interview to try and be the triplets assistant.Little did he know that that one day, would change his life completely. A/B/O Cover by @hauristilos