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Waves of Love ( Short Story - COMPLETE)

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Short story about the blind color girl and the boy always wearing a Mask.
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Janne keliye padhna padega πŸ˜œπŸ€—


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What if takemichi wasn't the only child like everyone thought he was instead he had two older brothers and to be more specific the Haitani brothers, who is isn't just crazy but very overprotective for their little brother and would do anything to keep away the simps who follows him around


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Author(s) :This Concubine Is In Shanyang 妾在山阳 Translation Group : XIIN Source: Novel Updates I DO NOT OWN THIS STORY NOR AM I TAKING CREDITS FOR IT. CREDITS TO THE OWNER. ---- [Gentle Control] was an urban danmei novel that was tagged with 'sadistic love' and 'coercion'. The protagonist shou, Xie Sui, was a proud son of heaven. He had an illustrious family background, was cold and removed from desire, and attracted many (psychopathic) admirers. From the gentle senior to the paranoid president, to the haughty and proud arch-enemy, these big guys were all top leaders of their respective fields, yet they were all crazy about him. After pushing him down a series of mentally and physically abusive paths, the three of them decided to join hands to destroy the Xie Family, imprison Xie Sui, crush his pride, and turn him into a pet that could only rely on them. While the crowd of readers howled "Wuwuwu the feels~". Song Yu was already so angry he was going crazy. Not wanting to read any more of this eye-searingly bad novel, he cursed, "Idiots." and hurried offline. As a result, when he woke up, he'd transmigrated. He'd transmigrated to become the Third Young Master of the Song Family in the novel, who had only been briefly mentioned in passing, would die of a terminal illness, and was Xie Sui's childhood friend. Song Yu was terribly upset. At the same time, he'd already come to a decision in his heart--those three idiots, had better not think about wanting to get close to his little childhood friend! Highest Rank : #1 - Maleyandere out of 568 (05/13/21) #1 - capturetargets out of 180 (05/14/21) #1 - sadisticlove (05/14/21) #2 - otome out of 3.2k (05/15/21) #1 - otomegame out of 1.58k (05/22/21) #17 - bl out of 59.4k (05/24/21) #9- bl out of 59.4k (05/25/21) #1- fatedlovers (05/25/21) #4 - bl out of 59.4k (05/26/21) #2- bl out of 59.4k (05/31/21) Associated Names TIHC Author(s) :This Concubine Is In Shanyang 妾在山阳


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[WARNING - EXPLICIT CONTENT] I pulled my elbow from his death grip. "You're ashamed of me. Admit it. You hate the idea of been seen with me." I shot venomous accusations his way. He didn't look at me. I'd rejected his kiss, pushed him away from and in return he'd turned cold and cruel, again. He'd shown nothing but hatred for me in public yet held me with aching tenderness when it was just us. I was sick of his games. He needed to decide whether he wanted me or not. "You parade new girls daily in front of my eyes," a sob escaped my throat. "And don't even deny you don't occasionally screw Charlotte behind my back." His ice blue eyes pierced my soul with his sharp gaze. He was teetering on the verge of lashing out on me. "How would you feel if I did the same to you, huh?" I pushed at his stiff chest. "Had several boyfriends, invited them to our home." His eyes cut to me, and a look darker than I've ever seen clouded his features I gestured to our grandiose home bought by his dizzying wealth. "And parade them right in front--" Before I knew it, I was face down and nearly suffocated by the soft material of our couch, I barely noticed my skirt pushed upwards and panties shoved aside. "You're my goddamn wife, Astoria. I will not tolerate your defiance." The sound of his belt loosening, zipper lowering, he entered me violently taking my breath with him. "Yet everyone thinks I'm still your charity case because you won't claim me." "You want to be claimed? Fine. But I am warning you, this lifestyle you're so accustomed to will be gone. I will be dirt poor and your family will be fired." "Then divorce and set me free. I am done being your dirty secret." Axel Trent, the spoiled prince always got whatever he wished for, and I was one of the thing he had wished to possess. Our fate were meant to collide in the cruelest way possible. It left me shattered. cover by IvvyKy


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[Unedited] 5-year-old Annabella De' La Cruz was in an accident with her dear mother only to come out the only survivor. Anna was hospitalized for a week and was still slowly recovering. Anna was then told that she will be moving to Florida where her brothers lived. And that the oldest of the De' La Cruz brothers will be forward full custody of her. Anna still so young and innocent doesn't understand what's happening in the world around her, and why so suddenly she can't see her mama. Follow the story and Annabella and her brothers as they try to give her the best life they can. {Book 1 - Complete} {Book 2 - Ongoing} Cover credit to this amazing person!! @_navyblueee_


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"You know what I hate about you?" His minty breath fanning my face. He placed his hands on the wall right beside my head. His eyes dance a lot of emotions I couldn't decipher as his gaze moved from my eyes down to my lips. Gulp. "W-What?" I breathed nervously. "You reminded me of her," he whispered into my ear, "and I fucking hate it." He pushed himself away from me and slammed the door shut.


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❝ CLEANING THE HOUSE IS NOT 'MALEWIFE BEHAVIOUR', IT'S CALLED BEING A RESPONSIBLE ADULT. ❞ ━━━ al-haitham's friends scribble his phone number in one of the stalls of the girls' washroom, and he ends up getting a message at 3 am. [ al-haitham x fem!reader ] [ chatfic/textfic ]


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|SMUT ONESHOTS| THANKS FOR 107k! α₯«α­‘ im simply improving my writing. (I take requests) ~It might be triggers in this book soo be careful. ~I try to post new chapters every weekend.


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A/N: Pinalitan ko po yung title at cover ng story pero hindi ko pa po in-edit yung mga chapters kaya marami pa ding errors. Ito po yung story na 'Escape The Heartless Vampire' gaya po ng sinabi ko, pinalitan ko po yung title ng story. Thankyou β™‘ - Status: Completed Started: December 19, 2020 Finished: May 11, 2021