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Vongola Primo's your FATHER?!? //On Hold//

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Warning: very slow update. VERY VERY.
You've been warned.

The Vongola famiglia is just having a normal day in the vongola mansion when suddenly an enemy famiglia ambushed the mansion,

"Promise me you'll remember me mio figlio" Giotto said.

"Hai I promise dad" little tsuna said.

" Ti amo mio figlio " Giotto said softly trying so hard not to cry in front of his son.

" Ti amo anche dad " little tsuna said while crying.

This is also the time where Vongola primo force to send his beloved 7 year old son into the future using the time machine that talbot created to keep Tsuna away from harm.

"Are are... what's your name little one?" Sawada Nana said nicely to little tsunayoshi.

"I'm... Tsunayoshi" tsuna said not sure of where he is.

So tsuna ended up 400 years into the future, where he met the Sawada family, who took him in and take care of him.

" ciaossu tsuna" said reborn.

"what's your namae little one?" tsuna said kindly.

" I'm reborn the no.1 hitman in the world, I'm your home tutor"

When tsuna turned 10, he met the no.1 hitman in the world named Reborn who became his home tutor and told him that he is a candidate for the next heir of vongola famiglia so reborn taught him how to become a boss. But not just any boss, he was taught to become a mafia boss.
"NANI!!!!!!" tsuna shouted shock of what just reborn had told him a second ago.

anyways read to find out more ^_^
see you later. enjoy.
( this is my first time writting so I'm sorry for my wrong grammar and specially for my spelling and the characters are a little OOC again I'm sorry)
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All his life Lambo has been seen as nothing but a tantrum throwing selfish weak crybaby by all of the Vongola. It's easy to see himself that way as well. But then comes the day when a Straw Hat comes flying through his life creating chaos and mayhem wherever it went, while dragging Lambo along for the ride. Lambo just can't help but go along with this Straw Hat's antics, he enjoys them even. This is an adventure of how a boy grew into who he wanted to be, and not what others thought him to be. (Summaries aren't my forte; I hope I at least caught you interest. I promise the story is better than the summary.)


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Previously known as, "All Vongola Generations meet"


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What if Tsuna was really adopted? What if Tsuna was a time traveler? What if Tsuna was the younger son of Giotto? KHR Fanfic Disclaimer: I do not and never will own KHR. If I did R27 and 8059 would be cannon. Also this is my first Fanfic. Please be nice. Constructive Critisism always appreciated! BEING REWRITTEN!! NO LONGER CONTINUING ON THIS STORY BUT A DIFFERENT ONE WITH SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT PLOT


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Issei after the defeat of Trihexa he had a decent life for a while till his friend chose to just ignore him even the faction themselves Issei at one point saw his harem dating behind his back breaking his heart worst he even question himself why he was born but soon that answer were soon to be answered. Issei #1 Dec 12 2020


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Sawada Tsunayoshi was send to Giotto. But Something is off, Because Tsuna wasn't the same. Note:I don't own KHR


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[Katekyo Hitman Reborn fanfic] -- SLOW UPDATES. I'M SORRY. You live, and you die; it's as simple as that, right? Then why did I find myself living a life in another world after my death? *** Proudest rankings: #1 in #katekyohitmanreborn #1 in vongolafamiglia *** started: january 3, 2019 completed: - [please read my conversations on my profile for updates on the story progression]


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( A/N: I DO NOT OWN KHR THIS IS ONLY A FANFIC I MADE ABOUT THEM I ONLY OWN THE PLOT \(>~<)/ ) Sawada Tsunayoshi , the 10th boss of the Vongola Famiglia which is the most strongest and powerful mafia family in the whole wide world Without even the chance to decline nor speak was suddenly sent into another world by Byakuran! wanna know more? then please read to find out Thank you :3


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Dying and getting reincarnated in a different world was not something ##### expected. Now going by the name Kocho Tomoe, she just wants to live a peaceful life without meeting anyone crazy or psychotic, however fate has a different plan in store for her. Not knowing she was reborn in the world of KHR, an anime which her college dorm roommate once watched, she now has to survive the mafia and the impossible craziness that comes along with it. "Kocho-senpai, how are you not dead yet when you provoke people on purpose?" "To answer your question, Tsu-chan, I have something called plot armor that protects me." "...Plot armor?" "Yeah, my plot armor." She pointed to the black haired boy wielding a pair of tonfas. "Kyo-chan." "HIBARI-SAN?!"


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π•±π–—π–†π–Œπ–Žπ–‘π–Š || Katekyo Hitman Reborn "I'm not weak as you think, so shut up you potato head" "Don't worry, i will guide you" "Really?" "Yes, now let's reincarnate you~!" "What? Hey!! wait!! Gi-" I want rest, not to be reincarnated! !!discontinued until further notice!! Started : 08/31/2020 Ended : --- β€’OC/OOC β€’I started this when I'm still 13 year old so i apologize if it's very cringy πŸ’€ β€’Bad Words β€’Wrong Spellings/Grammar/Construct Sentence β€’The Flame from my other Story will be same on this story, so forgive me if you don't like it...