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VIXX one shots

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Leo is reserved and doesn't have any friends even at age 23. His mom grew worried and begged him to find a friend. That night, Leo decides to summon Satan to ask him to be his friend. #2 Taekwoon 1/11/21


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Leo has been having these reoccurring nightmares, he dreams himself running away from an unknown figure....


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A cold businessman known as Leo. But is he really cold? A warm teacher known as N. Why is he so warm? With a common interest, a friendship forms and flowers bloom. Butterflies flutter just like going to school on the first day. But will it be an unrequited love and temporary fascination? Or will it be recipocrated and everlasting affection? Read this story to join the two on their journey of self discovery and them overcoming obstacles. [A Neo Fanfic] Date: 5 Jan 2018 - 25 Dec 2019 - Highest rating for tags: #1 for hakyeon/ chahakyeon/ taekwoon/ jungTaekwoon/ neo/ vixxfanfic/ hyukbin/ minyul


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A bunch of long draggy one shots that I write in my own free time for my own entertainment. •°•°• Request for anything if you like but I do mostly Neo, Raken, HyukBin. If there's another ship you want, it's cool too, just ask! :)