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Virgin Mom | lipsoul ✔️

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in which single mom jungeun found love in her daughter's dance teacher


kids! choerry, yeojin, heejin, hyunjin, gowon, hyejoo

START: 2019-02-10
END: 2020-04-05
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welcome to LOONATHEDORM! here we have a muscular bunny, an aeong who love bread, a tired mother, a noisy dwarf, a girl who won't hesitate to burn BBC if they won't give her lines next comeback, a gay panic girl, a dumb blonde, a literal sunshine, a hot af gay, a cute loud gay, a crunchy person and the last but not least, a baby wolf that won't hesitate to kill you if you mess with her. Please buckle you seatbelt and enjoy the trip to this messy place. WARNING 📣 this book contain so many chaotic and gay scenes so normal people and homophobic, please just leave this place in peace 🙇


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There's always been a weird vibe between jinsoul and kim lip, but why? The both of them should be just normal friends, who are in a girlgroup together, but why does it always seem like something's off?


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You act as the newest member of IMP, while having to deal with the advances of the hottest women in Hell.


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They were only dating in secret. It was fun, relieving, exciting. Nobody was supposed to find out... started: february 8, 2019 ended: february 12, 2020


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Y/N Afton was sent to Hell after he was crushed to death from the inside of a Animatronic suit due to a Springlock failure for the crimes he committed of murdering 5 innocent children in a Pizza Restaurant... After many years of living in Hell, he now works for a business called I.M.P (Immediate Murder Professionals) owned by a Imp Lady named Blitza to work as an assassin. __________ Five Nights at Freddy's is owned by Scott Cawthon. Helluva Boss is owned by Vivziepop.


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You built a machine that was able to teleport you through different dimensions until you ended up in the hell dimension.


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❝ does this mean i get to have two mamas now? ❝ jungeun falls in love with a single mom after wanting to get revenge on them. [ #104 in kpop / 1 / may / 2020 ] [ #1 in loona / 6 / may / 2020 ]


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════•°•All slots for this book are filled. Therefore, requests are CLOSED.•°•════ Since I still got messages for the closed we go again! Another handful of funny, touching, and (most likely) raunchy scenarios for you to fantasize with. What will you get yourself into this time? 😉 Oh, and here's a little bonus! I'll be adding a few of the new characters in this round. It's time for Octavia, Robo Fizz, and Mrs. Mayberry to have a go too. 😆