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Villainess Series 1: Bullying the Male lead

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Suxin followed the original plot and played the green-tea villainess role well. But why can't this duck just die in peace?!


"Bai Suxin, why are you so cruel?"

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When Daiyu is summoned with dozens of other girls to be the Emperor's concubine, she doesn't think that she'll be chosen. Although beautiful and kind, she's hardly qualified to be with the emperor, whose name is stained with blood and whose reputation is blacker than sin. When she accidentally catches the eye of Emperor Meilin, however, he surprises her by naming her his bride and future empress of the empire. How will the kind and sweet Daiyu escape from the clutches of the emperor? Will he capture his little rabbit, or will she run before it's too late? 2016 Watty Winner Video by @AlyxMck


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Transported to a parallel world that resembles ancient China, Dana has to live as Da Xia - the maidservant and villain's apprentice in the mysterious, ancient book that she read in the city library. The ancient book described the story of the world where she was transported to, which was Chun Empire. But how can a modern girl like her survive in a world where some people, called 'awakened ones', have qi and where sects and martial arts abound? Not to mention the dizzying customs that combined the various traditions of all the dynasties of the ancient era? She has to find a way to return to her world. The one who can probably help her is the powerful, old hermit residing in North Mountain country as written in the ancient book. To be able to reach North Mountain country, she has to stick with the male lead and join him in his journey to the capital. The only way she can thank him is to ensure his happy ending with his female lead. Strangely, the plot of the story has gone awry. Why does it seem like she's becoming the female lead? ------------------------------------------------------------- THE VILLAIN's APPRENTICE by: huntress Started: January 16, 2021 Completed: July 31, 2021 This is an original story. DO NOT REPOST THIS STORY anywhere. DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction and any similarity to reality is just an accident. It is not intended to infringe on any rights of the companies and individuals involved in this story. All names, places, businesses, characters, and incidents are a product of the author's imagination or are used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, actual events or locales is purely coincidental. [COMPLETE] Copyright © 2020 huntress2021


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THIS NOVEL IS NOT MINE CTTO!! Rating Average 4.5 / 5 out of 20 Alternative 탐닉되다 Author(s) 유표늄 Artist(s) Saseum,Yangdeer,사슴 Genre(s) Adult, Josei, Romance, Smut Type Web Novel (KR) SUMMARY Amelia, the 'dirty lady', who has become the disgrace of her family because of the stigma of killing her fiance. When she was invited as an Empress Candidate, she knew that she wouldn't become the Empress. She was only forced to go to the capital by her uncle to find a man to entrust her future with. And while the Emperor did not want Amelia to be the Empress... ...It seemed like he already knew her. A strange, lewd sound echoed through the room. He said looking closely at her face, "And I advise you, don't do anything useless." As she gave him a puzzled look, he grinned and pointed down with his eyes. She saw his manhood poking her thigh. "It's up again." Contrary to his languid expression, his manhood stood ramrod straight again, as if he wanted to take her at that very moment.


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[BEING RE-WRITTEN RN] Book one in the D'Angelo Series What happens when two worlds of arrogance meet? Bella is the dream of any man, tall, beyond gorgeous. People say beauty is dangerous, but the power Bella has in her mind is worse. She runs her business empire alone, she's number one and she'd do anything to stay there. Ace is a arrogant heir to the Italian mafia. He needs a queen to take his place as king, what happens in one elevator ride where he decides he wants Bella and only Bella. What happens in that one elevator ride that Bella wants to destroy him? In Aces mind its simple. Force her into a marriage. But everything doesn't go his way... .......... "I will fuck you against this desk for everyone to hear if you don't shut that pretty mouth of yours," he pauses and looks at me, a small smirk making its way onto his lips, his hand on my thigh moving higher by the slightest bit. "But you'd probably like that wouldn't you?" He asks with a light scoff and I roll my eyes before turning my head to face the other way. I hate when he's right. .......... Highest rankings so far Reached #1 in love Reached #1 in snarky Reached #1 in Mafia Reached #1 in business Reached #1 Don Reached #1 Romance Reached #1 Rich Reached #1 Power


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It was already her eighth suicide attempt. Empress Medea did not die again this time, but this time it was a little strange. "Memory loss?" Emperor Lyle was amused with Medea's words. "You've been tormenting me terribly this whole time, and now you've lost your memory?" Even if I had postponed it, the appointed night of union came back every two weeks. It was useless. I didn't even want to give it to you. But if there was anything Lyle overlooked, it was that there really was another kernel in the shell. Namely, Oh Soo-yeon, an ordinary Korean office worker. Absurdly, she died from drinking too much and entered the novel. Medea was an extra dying in the very beginning. So what happened to the heroine Seira? Originally, she should have gotten together with Lyle. The couple's night came amidst confusion. For some reason, the mysterious fragrance of Medea stimulated Lyle's heart. "Your lips can't be this sweet..." As of that day, His Majesty's annoying obsession began. Was it really okay like this? [Offline purposes only/Story not mine) [Novelupdates] ⬆️⬆️⬆️ [Somethings might have change. No major changes so don't worry. Don't want it then go to the website above, after all, this is just an offline reading purposes only]


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#1 Southeastern University Series Natosha Jackson is from the south-side slums of Ridgeport. She's your average bookworm and mathematic fanatic. To pay her dues to the dean of students, she is hand-picked to tutor one of the most notorious football players at Southeastern University, Matteo Four Wittstock. In the town of Ridgeport, the Wittstocks are well-known wealthy people from the north side. Although Natosha wants nothing to do with Four's lifestyle and womanizing tendencies, she finds herself falling into the temptations of lust. While she wrestles with this new fiery excitement in her life, Four becomes enamored deeper than he ever imagined. No one expects the rocky twists and turns that bring these two people together but Four loves a good challenge. And when a game is this good, he's more than ready to play. ***The Southeastern University Collection shows the lives of young adults as they enter, survive and finish off their university experience. The students attending this university are not only dealing with keeping up their GPAs and attending student union meetings. These students are battling ties with addiction, exploring their sexuality, and embarking on past and present family burdens. *** *** These works cannot be read as a standalone. *** WARNING: THIS STORY IS 18+ AND CONTAINS MATURE LANGUAGE AND MATURE CONTENT. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. STARTED: 7/10/2020 Completed. 2022


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"You're atheist," I remind him. "You don't believe in god." "I believe in you," He murmurs, letting the cigarette hang from his lips. "I believe in whatever you believe." He says, letting the confession roll off his tongue as if it were that simple. As if god, the devil, heaven, hell-as if none of it really had meaning to him. "That's not how it works," I mutter as we walk down a few more alleyways-the city of Manhattan coated in a light blanket of snow. Henry Vitiello had never had anything to pray for, that is, until he met me-the only thing that had ever opened his mind up to the possibility of religion "Isn't it?" He argues, taking the cigarette by his middle and pointer finger before blowing the smoke out. "I'II dip my hands in holy water if it means I could touch you." "You'd probably burn." 𓆩♡𓆪 𝐇𝐄𝐍𝐑𝐘 𝐕𝐈𝐓𝐈𝐄𝐋𝐋𝐎, the reaper. With his worm eaten, worn out morals-he knew he'd never deserve her. Playing the villain was all he ever really knew, so all he can do is burn down the world for her and hope it's enough. 𝐉𝐀𝐍𝐄 𝐈𝐕𝐄𝐑𝐒, the healer. She was known to be the perfect good girl, with the perfect grades and perfect life. But no one knew her, not really. Her existence is an abomination, a frankenstein of some sort. She never had a heart to give, even if she wanted to give it to him. 𓆩♡𓆪 star-crossed; adjective (of a person or a plan) thwarted by bad luck. 'star-crossed lovers' and that, they were. So they fucked under those very stars that tried so desperately to break them apart. 𓆩♡𓆪 ‼️DISCLAIMER ‼️ BOOK REFERENCES TO MARA DYER, SHATTER ME, MIND FUCK, ETC ARE ALL INTENTIONAL SO DONT BE RUDE. AS FOR TRIGGER WARNING, MENTAL HEALTH, SELF HARM, CHILD ABUSE, ABUSE OF POWER, UNETHICAL TREATMEN


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It all happened that day when Robert decided to play the game that his sister was always talking about . Being curious, he surprisingly stayed up all night playing the game. But the next morning, he slowly found himself waking up in a big bed. This was not his home nor his bed. Looking around his surroundings, he soon came to realize that he was actually inside the game! Realising that he has entered into the world of the game that he was previously playing, will he be able to keep his cool? Or would he be able to survive from the hands of the crazy male leads ? After all, he finds himself in the body of the side villain who is bound to die forever. But.....can he survive in this game? Reminder- *Yaoi alert* ( But I ain't gonna stop you from reading this book😂 Feel free to read it anytime you like🤗😂)


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Rebel Simmons was just a girl who was dealt a shitty hand in the game of life. Despite her harsh and abusive upbringing, she worked hard, and studied harder. With an IQ of 252. she's a certified genius and is working towards her Masters Degree in Computer Engineering and Computer Science at Stanford University. When tough times hit and she's desperate for money, she steals $5 Million from an offshore bank account. Little did she know she was stealing from the most ruthless Mafia Boss in the world: Dante Vino. • MATURE THEMES 18+ • Cover designed by Holly Thurston


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In a modern world, a professional assassin was murdered by her beloved and found herself revived in an ancient world as a general's daughter with a weak physique. She was engaged to a prince, but because she did not have a nice appearance, her fiancé and sister attempted to kill her. Although she had to struggle to survive, there were also those who unconditionally loves her that supported her in her time of need. How does she intend to adapt and survive in such a foreign and hostile world? Follow Gu Xijiu on her journey to discover her one true love! ------------------------- For offline reading This is not my story but copied from All rights goes to the original owner AUTHOR(S): MU DANFENG