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Read story Villain Rehab (Discontinued)

Author: MixedFandomFan13

Category: Fanfiction

Update: 04-08-2021

Status: Writing

7474 likes / 207590 reads

Name: Izuku Midoryia

Quirk: Telekinesis

status: Missing/dead

last seen: walking home

This paper haunted Katsuki Bakugou. His old childhood friend and new lover had suddenly just disappeared on the last day of 7th grade. After a year, they close the case and state him as dead, even though he still might be out there. Katsuki is heart broken, but a new problem arises. A vigilante that goes by the name Iris starts to become popular. Iris is an interesting person, doesn't kill heros, but villains instead. He acts like a hero except they kill the villain instead. Usually villains or vigilantes don't interest Katsuki, but what will happen when the two meet, and further more, when a new program at UA opens up and Iris along with 5 others are part of it.

Tsutogaraka (tsu x togo x uraraka)
Cartzaki (Cartsu OC x Shiozaki OC)

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