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Short story about Lisrene, Lisoo and Chaelisa.


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(EDITING) Can you risk everything you have because of love?


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(story adaptation) Lisa Manoban is an 18-year-old senior in high school. She loves studying and is very innocent. One day, she went and visit Jennie Kim, the owner and the CEO of the Kim industry. Jennie Kim is a 20-year-old businesswoman. She was cold-hearted and cold-hearted for no reason. However, the young girl caught Jennie's attention. Will Lisa change Jennie's heart? Will Jennie fall in love? Will Lisa hate Jennie? (A little mix of fifty shades of grey) Real author - Xteressa1 Story - The CEO wants me


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Breaking up and leaving me without an acceptable reason is very irresponsible and heartless of you. All I did is love you, give everything you wish, and I gave all myself to you but you choose to break me in return. "I'm crazily in love with you and I'm not going to let you get away from me." "I'm going to take care of you and love you forever." Lisa G!P


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What do I look like?


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I'm going to sue you!


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Lisa must marry Somi in return for the help that Somi's family has done for Lisa's family. Not until she meets Jennie Kim, who will be the reason why her problems grow. She's being blackmailed by Kim to be her girlfriend until they fall in love with each other. What would Somi do if she found out about this? Lisa G!P #1- Jennie - 03/21/22


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"Every sugar mommy needs a sugar baby." . . . β€’== "Be my sugar baby." The brunneth boldly said she's now biting her lips while looking at the Thai girl who's now looking at her in confusedly. "Pardon miss?." The thai girl said she took a sip on her coffee when she felt the brunneth hand touching her hand seductively... #Jenlisa Funfiction. G!p.