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It all started with an awkward morning encounter.


All characters belong to Bnha, this is just a fanfic!
The art is not mine.
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Follow the life of Izuku Midoriya from the beginning to the end. I do not own MHA ore any characters ore pictures, they belong to the original owner. Some of the characters are based from Mind vs Might. This is a sad to happy story in the beginning, but as the story continues there will be severe things happening. So be prepared if you want to read this story. Credits for idea's in this story: @Knightrider_34 @ansh13465677 No smut. Main ship is first IzukuxMomo, but then for some reason explained in the story it will change to IzukuxCamie. Sideships are: ToyaxNemuri KatsukixOchaco EijiroxMina FumukagexTsuyu DenkixKyoka TenyaxMei KojixToru MashiraoxIzumi SatoxShoka MezoxKatsumi I am a first time writer, so please go easy on me ;-) #1 maincharacterdeath 20-05-2021/21-1-2023 #1 IzuMomo 09-11-2021 Story will be cross posted on Ao3 and fixed, before the next update. Cross posted on Ao3 by another author.


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L/N Y/N had been the centre of attention during her middle school years. Always being the one others would talk about, teachers taking full notice of her, everybody's eyes watching her as she walked into school. Hopefully it wouldn't carry into high school. She hadn't expected all of the talking about her as a First Year as it was normal amongst other students, but what she also didn't believe was that another boy was to be as muttered about as her. In fact, Bakugou Katsuki made it clear that he would be the one everybody would look up to. When the two of them properly meet, they clash. Bakugou Katsuki, the soon-to-be Pro Hero that would be 'bigger than All Might himself', and L/N Y/N, the student who wants others to see more than just her quirk. She's going to make a name for herself. Having the quirk of a villain doesn't make you one. (Cover edited by @_pro_0va) (I do not own 'My Hero Academia' or most of the characters/yourself. I also do not own the main idea of Y/N's quirk, the whole 'transmutation quirk' and how it works belongs to 'FullMetal Alchemist'. I only own the minor plot details (E.G: the love story with Bakugou) and the minor characters (E.G: Y/N's parents, small villians, etc.). Thank you for your time.)


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Symbiotes. Creatures from outer space looking for the best host compatibility to survive on earth. Or parasites, as (y/n) preferred to call them, much to her own symbiote's annoyance. Some years had gone with her and her companion unnoticed after escaping those labs. That was the idea. Stay low, under the radar, until we figure this out. But things don't always go as planned and soon she finds her identity discovered, labs trying to get their hands on her and the next thing she knows, she's transported into another... world? Found half-dead by the number one hero, taken to UA's care, everything must seem the best, except, how can one escape the past? One as troublesome as hers, that is. --------- Eventual romance? yes, who? idk you gotta read to find out, someone, no one, everyone? who knows. Plot twists, slow-burn and yeah. On the side note, thank you all for the support! ONLY (Y/N), HER BACKSTORY, MY OC'S, AND THE FLOW OF EVENTS OUTSIDE OF CANNON ARE MINE. I DO NOT OWN BOKU NO HERO ACADEMIA CHARACTERS OR VENOM/MARVEL CHARACTERS AND THEIR CANNON PLOTS / FLOW OF EVENTS.


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This is officially my second story! So Uraraka decides to make a bet with Bakugo if she can get Him to smile within 2 weeks, will Bakugo cave? What could develop over those 2 weeks? There is probably lime, but no smut


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F! Reader Insert ; No quirk, but she still wanted to be a hero. 100 daily push-ups, sit-ups, and squats, plus 10 km of running for just about 2 years. Without knowing, she was the strongest being to ever exist. All it ever took was just one punch. • This story is a crossover between One Punch Man and My Hero Academia. The original idea goes out to a writer on a different writing platform that has discontinued this story. I decided to pick the idea up and try to continue it for her. All credit goes to her; as for the first few chapters published, I will be taking it from the original just for the sake of the story. Credit to Kana, I hope you're doing well! • Highest Rankings Per Category: #1 onepunchman #1 crossover #1 republish #1 bnha #1 mha #1 onepunchman #1 bokunoheroacademia #1 continued #1 opm #4 myheroacademia #6 anime #75 funny


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❝𝐈 𝐃𝐎𝐍'𝐓 𝐍𝐄𝐄𝐃 𝐀 𝐐𝐔𝐈𝐑𝐊. 𝐈'𝐌 𝐀 𝐆𝐄𝐍𝐈𝐔𝐒.❞ 𝐈𝐍 𝐖𝐇𝐈𝐂𝐇 an overly sarcastic quirkless young teen drives to be a hero unlike any other. being quirkless wasn't a hindrance for she was a certified genius; creating a high-tech weaponized armored suit as her ticket to the hero world. ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ 𝐇𝐎𝐖𝐄𝐕𝐄𝐑, the burning desire for a better society had blossomed her unbridled ambition to reach the sun, gradually melting her wings as she descended, from the vast cosmos to the pit of void, where nothingness had awaken her from the world she deluded herself in. [ bnha various x avenger!reader ] © marvel / stan lee © bnha / kohei horikoshi © genius / VER4LUVS


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[Kacchako Fic] Uraraka Ochako, dubbed the "most laid back girl" of 1A, bubbly, sweet, innocent little Ochako, friend to all and quick with the warm smiles, was hiding a secret. A very titillating secret. The thought of it being discovered made her heartbeat rapidly, her palms sweat, and her face heat up. But she couldn't stop. She just couldn't stop reading her first erotic novel. She was enraptured by it. If she wasn't careful her mind would wander from her until she was back in that dark and naughty fantasy world. Worse above all, she has begun to see small similarities between the domineering male protagonist in the story and a certain explosive boy at school. [If the cover art belongs to you and you want me to remove it let me know. I found it on Pinterest and do not own!]


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When Arianna marries billionaire Zach Price to save her family, she doesn't expect to fall in love with a man who'd always consider her a second choice. An unexpected turn of events brings the couple closer together, but can a marriage based on lies and deceit ever survive? ***** When Arianna's older sister, Olivia, decides to run away on the day of her wedding, Arianna is forced to take her place to save her family from ruin. But her new husband is angry, heartbroken, and seems to hate her guts. The cold, elusive billionaire Zach Price has never quite struck Arianna as the kind of man she'd want to spend her entire life with. She was more than content with her sweet, thoughtful boyfriend Noah, but when circumstances force them together, Zach and Arianna's hearts get entangled in a way she never saw coming. As the couple grows closer, they must battle the demons of their past and of the lives they left behind - especially when Olivia returns and decides she wants Zach all for herself. Content/Trigger Warning: This story contains scenes of violence and sexual abuse, and mentions abortion and miscarriage. [[word count: 100,000-150,000 words]] Cover designed by Ren Tachibana


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‼️(Read description :3)‼️~NO QUIRK AU~ ~ANGST~ 🌸Uraraka and Bakugou have been childhood friends since elementary. She taught him what it feels like to not be alone. She had shown her kindness and bright smile on his darkest of times, and for that he thanks her. 🌸He has never been good with expressing how much he loves her, but when Uraraka developed Hanahaki disease for another boy, Bakugou needs to make an important decision. 🌸Does he let her slip away after all these years? Or does he finally express his love? If you want angst, fluff, tears, deeep emotions, a bit of blood and lastly self sacrificing deep love then you're in luck!! HANAHAKI AU~ 🌸LOVE TRIANGLE WARNING!!!! -big shock later on!!!! -takes place in a world where my hero academia has no quirks, it's just regular japanese highschool -a story of sacrifice, selfless love, angst, sadness and a voice unheard -ANGST, FLUFF and just a touch of LIME/ smut tho! -new to Wattpad :3 -I didn't make the art I only edited it :) if you use the cover art and same title for a kacchako fic, pls credit me <33 ‼️HIGHEST RANKS:‼️ #12 on Kacchako (4/2020) #2 on uh (3/2020) #17 on Kacchaco (4/2020) #101 on rival (3/2020)