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Unus Annus (mark and Ethan) X reader

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You are a part of unus annus now as so is mark and ethan but you feelin love with both of them but may only pick one in one year.Who will you pick? read to find out.
May be you like?


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If you can read the title, you can figure this out. Literally, 31 days of EEF smut.


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Welcome to my crankiplier book! I'll be writing both fluff and smut one shots. Requests are open! (Last worked on: March 2nd 2022)


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Crankiplier one shots with descriptions before each chapter *sensitive topics* *smut* I take requests


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This is a story about a poor lonely girl. Her name was (Y/N) (L/N). She has been bullied, abused, and used all her life. She had no one. Mark was the leader of her bullies. Mark bullied her all her life. And (Y/N) wanted to end it all. What happens when Mark and his gang find out she was going to end her life? Will there be enough time to save her. Or will it be to late? Read to find out. ~~~~ Thank you @ema_okic for the book cover!