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Unus Annus AU

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Someone who loves Unus Annus realizes she only lives down the road from mark. She becomes part of the channel, but will she live happily ever after? And what will happen with Unus Annus?

Anyways, this is just a short story that I decided to write cause I was bored and have nothing better to do-
Speacial thanks to Jack for helping me write this
May be you like?


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X reader but mainly scenarios. Smut if you want First page for requests and who is in it


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This is never getting finished lol I gave up so don't read if you don't want to be disappointed because I don't like writing about irl people anymore Anyways, here is the summary for your precious fanfic. Finally! (Y/n) (L/n) is moving in with her friend Dolly and her boyfriend in LA! It's going to be a great opportunity for her to meet some new people, find a nice job, and hopefully get over the past. She is ecstatic! Highest Rankings!: #1 in #unusannus #3 in #markiplierfanfiction #22 in #ethannestor #1 in #crankgameplaysfanfiction #10 in #markfischbach #183 in #romancefanfiction [cover is by jeepers_eepers_edits on insta ;)]


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Title says it all! Smut in every chapter ;) It's a work in progress, open to suggestions! It gets better as it goes, I just had to find my footing first :) slow updates. I'm a busy gal with a limited attention span, shit takes time. No disrespect to Mark and Ethan and their respective relationships! This is just for fun, I know the ship is not real :) Cool Ranks (day/month/year) #17 in markiplier 13/03/21 #4 in crankiplier 12/01/21 #9 in markfischbach 21/4/21 #2 in unusannus 17/6/21 #5 in crankgameplays 30/8/21 (I didn't think it would be so hard to get a high ranking but my god is there a lot of x reader smut lol)


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Mark Fischbach, or Markiplier, has played a variety of characters not just on his own channel, but on friends' channels as well. When you hear the word "egos," chances are Mark, or his characters, is the first image to come to mind. His egos have gotten pretty popular and are well-known across multiple corners of the internet. Fans have even dedicated social media accounts to these egos. But now, Mark's egos have taken on lives of their own. This guide will teach you about those egos, and what to do should you ever come into contact with them. Important: There are egos that will not hesitate to [REDACTED], so approach them with extreme caution.


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Just a WKM Roleplay book. ^^'


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If you can read the title, you can figure this out. Literally, 31 days of EEF smut.


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You are Mark Fishbach's ' younger sister by 6 or 7 years. your 20 and you moved in with Mark. November 15th 2019 he starts a channel with a certain brown haired boy, You are in some of their videos with you being a guest.What happens when you and that certian brown haired boy fall for each other. But after 365 days that channel with be gone and nothing will be on the channel and the only thing to rember it by is merch and memories.


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quotes from Unus Annus Might be some quotes from the camera crew (e.g. Amy and Evan) some quotes may not be suitable for kids due to some of the videos. I do not work or associate with Unus Annus, I only write down quotes. Momento Mori.


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Crankiplier one shots with descriptions before each chapter *sensitive topics* *smut* I take requests


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Welcome to my crankiplier book! I'll be writing both fluff and smut one shots. Requests are open! (Last worked on: March 2nd 2022)