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until his last breath (male reader x demon slayer)

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(Harem story btw)

"Do not pray for easy lives, my friends. Pray to be stronger men"
-John F Kennedy(from BO1)

(I couldn't think of a description so instead i put a quote i like)
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Out of breath, he leaned at the bark of a tree. He listened intently to his surroundings... The crickets sang their song as the trees waved before the windy sky. Birds chirped and branches fell. ... ... ... But he heard nothing. Then he composed himself and continued to run. He ran and ran and ran, with no intention to stop.


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I don't own Helltaker. Helltaker is owned by Vanripper Plz don't sue me Σ(TωT*) #2 for Zdrada (12/19/22) #1 for Helltaker (1/26/23) #26 for Azazel (1/26/23) #1 for Pandemonica (1/21/23) #9 for Justice (1/26/23) #12 for Malina (1/26/23)


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After Ben and rook had defeated maltruant and watched the universe get born, they soon had back home, now aliens and humans lived in harmony togather. aliens now lived with humans, upgrading there medical technology, building more and different types of houses and even some took human jobs on earth. several years had passed and Ben was now labelled earths greatest hero, but the story doesn't follow the omnitrix hero anymore, but now shall focus on a teen who goes to a school filled with aliens.


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Y/N was cursed, unable to speak without the risk of hurting others. But he still tries to go on with life, the way he wants to. Too bad danger keeps finding him when he wants no part of it.


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William Afton and his wife had three children, Elizabeth, Evan and of course Micheal. But what if they had a fourth? Y/N Afton, the boy who shouldn't be alive. (I own none of the images nor FNAF.)


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A quirkless kid loses his parents. (Real original, I know) He ends up following in his parents footsteps becoming an inventor, he swears to help people with his creations, but a few people decide to convince him and his inventions on a different path. I'm a dumbass and I like anime, this one especially, so let's see how this one goes. Just gonna say this now, this was an excuse to make long winded descriptions of weapons. These weapons might not not even be used, I just find it fun sooooo, just a warning.


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The Stuff I think that may or may not become stories in the future


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This story follows a group of heroes in training as they battle their share of villains, and the trials of every day life.


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For Y/N Rose summer rose was the light of his world of the three children Y/N was the closest to her. where ever summer went the boy was right behind her. so when that light of his worlds fades away one day and as years go by Y/N becomes protective of his siblings and the relationship with his father tai collapses. One night after an argument between father and son gets violent Y/N decides to leave for a new life and heads towards the city of dreams where he meets a girl that will change his life forever. But Y/N must be careful because if there's one thing evreyone in night city knows..... ITS THAT YOU CAN ONLY STAY HUMAN IN NIGHT CITY FOR SO LONG.