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'Unique Couples' - TMNT boyfriend scenarios

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If you love the turtles you'll love this. :)

dont actaully own the tmnt or any other characters used in story
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I don't think a description is needed


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"What made you think you can go out there and tease me with some other man" said Leonardo. I roll my eyes and say, "It doesn't matter anyways it's not like you want me" He chuckles darkly and grabs me by the neck and says, "Well if you want to be treated like a whore then that's what you'll get" His lips attach to my neck as I straddle his lap and he says, "Now undress and touch yourself in front of me and if you cum baby" he chuckles darkly and says, "I'll spank your ass raw. Then I'll tie you up, and make you almost cum, then leave you their for the rest of the night, how does that sound principessa?" Katara was just an average girl trying to get by until her innocence and beauty caught the eyes of Leonardo Romano, the Italian Mafia leader but does she know he is and will she ever? This is a story where a dominant man who is known for his good looks and not showing much emotion slowly starts to fall for his innocent yet sassy assistant who happens to be the most emotional person on the planet. - - - Mature Scenes - Gang Violence - Abuse


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(Genshin Characters x Gender Neutral Reader) A collection of one-shots featuring you and the lovely Genshin characters. Β© Adoriingly 2021. All Rights Reserved. ( January 2021 - ongoing )


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"Attraction. Oftentimes satisfying, sometimes disappointing..." |γ€Œ*chef's kiss*」| Requests are still open and very much appreciated. ⚠ Cringe Alert Inappropriate things. The huge amount of cringe. P. S. This book is kinda under some editing cause it was just pure cringe and unworthy shit but yeah, I'm trying to sort it out so it wouldn't be so shitty anymore. And btw ty for checking this out. β™‘οΈŽ.


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❲Uα΄˜α΄…α΄€α΄›α΄‡s ᴏɴ Sα΄€α΄›α΄œΚ€α΄…α΄€Κs❳ I'm going to make some Demon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba Boyfriend scenarios. I really hope you will like this book! Here are the Characters that are involved: ↣Kamado Tanjiro ↣Agatsuma Zenitsu ↣Hashibira Inosuke ↣Tomioka Giyuu ↣Rengoku Kyojuro ↣Shinazugawa Sanemi ↣Kocho Shinobu ↣Kanroji Mitsuri ↣Sabito ~Demon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba doesn't belong to me! It belongs to Gotouge Koyoharu! And the art belongs to the artist(s)! ~Best Rankings: #2 in kochoshinobu #12 in sanemi #5 in hashira #2 in sanemi #1 in kanrojimitsuri #2 in hashibirainosuke #33 in inosuke #31 in zenitsu #8 in zenitsu #13 in zenitsu #11 in zenitsu #34 in scenarios #17 in scenarios #23 in zenitsu #18 in inosuke


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(**PLEASE NOTE: I WILL NOT BE ADDING ANY MORE CHARACTERS**) (**ANYONE WHO ASKS WILL IMMEDIATELY BE MUTED FOR 7 DAYS**) A book of boyfriend/girlfriend scenarios for a female reader and some of the characters from the manga! Updated sporadically. Contains the main four plus a number of the pillars, Upper Moons 1-3, and Muzan. Everyone lives/No one dies unless otherwise mentioned. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters/images used in this book. The manga series 'Kimetsu no Yaiba' belongs to Koyoharu Gotoge. Cast: Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu, Inosuke, Giyuu, Kyojuro, Muichiro, Shinobu, Gyomei, Sanemi, Upper Moons 1-3, and Muzan


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You go through an amazing adventure finding out who your crush is then getting them to be your boyfriend and going on crazzzzy adventures!


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This is about 2012 version of tmnt. I accept imagines and scenarios. You can comment or send me a message. Enjoy my loves Warning: They're will be cussing in this


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i never thought someone could understand how i felt. he's such a sweetheart but he puts on this tough act to make everyone fear him, but truly that's not what he wants in life. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ a girl with a peter pan obsession and her bestfriend who has an obsession with his pocket knife got kidnapped by the one and only. mattheo riddle. she's starting to get all of theses weird flashbacks as a kid along with mattheo. mattheo and y/n hate each other, but maybe they can become friends or even more. ha, even take down his father. good luck. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< ⚠️this book is not fit for all ages and will have some triggering things. ⚠️ i also do not own mattheo riddle @yasmineamaroo does own him. this book has slow updates, i didn't really take the book seriously until later on. there will be grammar mistakes/errors due to rush ness.