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Read story Unintended Love (BJYX Fanfic) - Completed

Author: antan_hannya

Category: Fanfiction

Update: 03-01-2022

Status: Full

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3 words separated them for 3 years.

It was enough time for both of them to regret, rethink and reflect.

And now that Xiao Zhan came back...

will the same 3 words be the force to bring him back together with Wang Yi Bo? Or will those 3 words lead to another heartbreak?


P.S.: This story has adapted some of its plot from a FMV I've seen in Youtube, therefore, I would like to give credit to that FMV maker 💕


Disclaimer: 1) All photos are not mine, credit to the creators!
2) Everything in this novel is fictitious and not based on any real scenarios or real people. Please respect.
3) Please DO NOT TRANSLATE and REPUBLISH my works!

All rights reserved 2020

Unintended Love by Antan_Hannya

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