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Umbreon x? A new story

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A group of pokemon lost in a dangerous forest, with nobody to trust but each other, trying to survive and thrive. Among this forest is an shy shiny umbreon, kicked out of his pack, trying to survive with only his gut, until he meets this group of pokemon......

(A Pokemon story with a warrior cats flow, so expect similarities in this story.)
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An Umbreon and Sylveon are both trapped on an Island with no way off while at the same time trying to deal with each other.


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This is based on a pokemon comic series called Eeveelution squad. This is a AU where Speed was born a girl instead of a boy. If you never read Eeveelution squad, read it first before reading this. Cover was made by my friend SkyOrBP964.


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Umbreon is dating Espeon. He soon finds out she is cheating on him with Jolteon. He is afraid to break up with her because he knows how crazy she can get. She'd literally KILL him if he broke up with her. One day he meets Sylveon and falls in love with her. Will he be with her, the one he really loves? Or will he stay unhappily with Espeon? (Edit, Aug 5, 2020: STOP READING THIS OLD SHIT I WROTE THIS WHEN I WAS 11 WTF)


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A shiny Umbreon named Shadow was kicked out of his den by his family for being a shiny now he is alone, he ventures through the forest for a new home then he meets a vaporeon,flareon,and a sylveon and befriends them while something else happens P.S. This book is being rewritten so don't mind if there's a chapter missing


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As if the Pokémon world wasn't strange enough, Hoenn Champion (Y/N) finds herself transported to the magical world of Twisted Wonderland. Though she doesn't have magic, she does have an entourage of powerful Pokémon to back her up. Unbeknownst to her colorful new friends, she carries a dark past that makes it easier for her to connect to others, and starts to gain a lot of romantic attention.


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When zombie sharks start attacking the shoreline it's up to Kayla, the sheriff's daughter and local bad boy, Justin, to save the town. ***** Seventeen year old Kayla Girard follows the rules just like any good sherriff's daughter should. But when eight dead sharks wash up on the highway outside her remote coastal town, Justin, the town lowlife, drags Kayla out to the highway with him. When they arrive at the scene, the sharks are gone - and two of Justin's friends are found dead in their place. Suddenly it's up to Kayla and Justin to save the town from sharks that won't stay dead. [[word count: 30,000-40,000 words]]


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"Funny, ever since we were young there was a clear difference in ability, you were powerful and talented whilst I was weak and timid and now look at us today standing opposite each other, this will be the final battle, now come Mordred!" Aether Viato Pendragon and Mordred Pendragon are both children of the famous Lion King otherwise known as Artoria Pendragon. The two of them are mainly seen spending most of their day in Solitary Confinement because they cause destruction everywhere they go. Their existence was known only by the Yokai Faction and the Shinto Religion and those who lived around them, that was until one day a group of fallen angels attacked and their participation in repelling their forces caused the whole of the supernatural to be aware of them. This is Aether and Mordred's journey throughout the supernatural world as they discover the truths of this world


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(Name), older sister of twins Victor and Gloria, moves back home to Galar after a long few years studying in the Kalos region. She eventually decides to take on the Gym Challenge, even if it is against her siblings and their friends. (Title/Cover is subject to change, I don't have everything planned out yet. Not updating regularly, being rewritten.)


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Requests open! Bakudeku and different Au's! Will be updating when I get inspiration. All Bakudeku and maybe some Todobakudeku. (All artwork is not mine)