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Uhura x Chekov One-Shot

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Chekov and Uhura have been best friends for years. For awhile, Chekov has had a crush on Uhura. But unbeknownst to Chekov, Uhura felt the same. When a blast occurs and hurts Uhura, Chekov saves her by taking her to Medbay. While Uhura was healing, they confess to each other. A few years later, they marry and have two children. If that blast had not happened, their children would not have been born and they would not have gotten married.


I started pairing these two together forever ago. Don't judge me please.
May be you like?


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A Land Commander turned into a Naval Commander. How will he stack up against the extra-terrestrial opponent? Care to find out? Let's begin his story. ~ (Azur Lane Fanfic w/ OC) ~ Warning: Azur Lane's rights and its characters belong to Yostar Studios. My OC is the only thing mine. 2nd Warning: Some swear words in the story, but not too many. I just did this warning so Wattpad doesn't take down my Azur Lane book. Thank you for understanding. Inspired by: @Attackingoreos, @FRG4402, and a writer named: PiedpiperofTamlyin.


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You were a well known commander on the Enterprise CVN 65 during the cold war. You were training with your fleet when an explosion went off. What will happen when you realize you get reincarnated in another world. I don't own any of the characters and credit to the creators.


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reverence | "adventure is written in the stars" [star trek: the reboot] [spock x femme!oc]


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A bunch of one shots, Chekov-centric.


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Hello friends, polish unicorn here, I've got way too much spones feels and if anyone has the same problem and would like to share it with me them I'm all ears. Writing in English, considering Polish too if someone would be interested in reading. Any form of feedback, requests and ideas for the nexts fics will be appreciated! (pic found on the internet, if it's yours, please let me know) - your baby unicorn


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Your name is Y/N, you were on your boat, you were getting attacked by two girls with weird tech that you have never seen before after finding a Black glowing cube and Blueprints to a ship, you try to fight back but you're unable, you quickly grab the Cube and Blueprints but then get blown into the water and you pass out. You wake up, in another world? *NOTE* This will have a Harem, Swearing, Violence (and maybe some lemons for you horny's) ----------------------------- Ranking awards 10.02.2023 #4 Combat 01.03.2023 # Prinz Eugen ----------------------------- I do not own Azur lane I do own the plot


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This will be my first Story of Azur Lane, so please don't criticize me as much ok? All right's go to there respective owners. (Including the cover art. I wish I knew who it was from. I'd give them credit in a instant.) "From the lies . . the hatred . . death . . destruction. Azur Lane is meant to protect the weak, the strong, and defeat our foes the Sirens . . But I fight for one cause . . the people who I care for. If it's death and destruction you want. I'll give you hell." Alex Rose is a specialist in the C.I.A. He's done many cover ups for his country before. Including a big battle between a lot of nations vs. the Sirens. It was a blood bath. It couldn't be covered up. But he continues to live on and through it. And now leading a new faction called 'Azur Lane'.


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After years of service in the Osea Airforce, our main character callsign "Trigger" finally retire from his service. Famous for his effort in the Lighthouse War, he earned the nickname "Three Strikes". But one day, fate would force him to fight another war by sending him to the unknown. I don't own Azur lane and Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. They belong to their respective owners.


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Imagines between the reader and various Star Trek characters. The characters I mainly write about are Chekov, Bones and Kirk but I can write about others if requested. I don't own Star Trek or any of its characters. Requests Open, just leave them in comments. ~Clo X


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" I don't know you. " " я люблю тебя " --- Pavel Chekov x Hikaru Sulu Alternate Universe ♥︎ #เอฟบีไอซูลู