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The triplets were raised in a very uptight, traditional family. Now, if the triplets' DNA had conformed with society's ideals, this would have been fine. However, as these young boys would soon find out, they would have to fight for their lives and hearts.
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Louis doesn't exactly have the perfect life, he had a loving mother who died of cancer and that's when his life really turned for the worst, his dad picked up a drug habit and an alcohol problem, when Louis is taken away from that bad place, the new place he's supposed to call home is overrun with horrible people, only soon he'll realize they're not the ones he has to worry about. It's their boss. Cover by Stylinson_Larryxx <3<3<3


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Harry's heart was dead set on freedom. It was not a recent thing, he had been itching to get away from the confines of the responsibilities he had as the prince of Eonshire. Running away from home was easy, but building another home for himself out in the cruel world was not. But things turned out just fine. It also brought him closer to a rogue alpha who was unlike any other alpha Harry had encountered before. Soft-spoken and adamant, the alpha offered Harry a place in his quaint house. Hard-headed and indecisive, Harry gave the alpha a place in his heart. Or An omega prince and a rogue alpha falling in love under the dark blankets of the woods, shielded from the outside world yet challenged by the differences between them. °°° All rights reserved, © lilacdaddy, 2021 (Previously published as 'Serendipity')


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The Styles and Tomlinson packs have been at war for hundreds of years. But when recruits run low and resources run out, they have no other option then to end the war. But on one condition. Heir Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are to mate when it's Louis' time to become head Alpha.


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Louis went through a traumatic event when he was eleven , which made him selectively mute and shut himself out ever since . He acknowledges his brother and step father , though no one else . Harry moves into the house across the road from the Tomlinson-Payne's , and took an interest in Louis from the moment he saw him . His tiny , soft looking figure drew him in . And so , he made it his mission to help Louis open up to him , and hopefully open up to the world . And important to mention , he has two large dogs which are going to be very hlepful through the process . SLOW UPDATES ~~ This idea started off as a oneshot , but I stopped halfway through to make it a full ongoing story . Hope you'll enjoy x


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Louis is the leader of a pack of 31000 members.Louis wants an omega. He wants Harry as his omega. •Alpha Louis •Alpha Liam •Alpha Zayn •Omega Niall •Omega Harry


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Louis is a 16 year old boy who is abused by his Father, his older brother Liam is trying desperately to get Louis out of the abusive situation, but it's proving difficult. Harry is a 24 year old Mathmatics teacher who has just started teaching at Louis School. Harry knows Louis is hiding something and just wants to help him, but what happens when feelings develop and Harry pushes himself into Louis life. THIS STORY IS MY OWN PLEASE DO NOT COPY MY WORKS


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Since a lot of people don't like a/b/o stories (I also didn't read it for a long time) I decided to create another extra book for these stories. It's just smut again Some of these stories are really long though and some really short cause I didn't want to create yet another book to separate these as well. READ: for those of you who already read this kind of stories know that omegas can usually get pregnant so there might be a few chapters with implied mpreg. Since I personally don't like it very much tho there probably won't be a lot of it and I don't think there will ever be a one shot in here where they actually have kids. None of these stories are mine!! They're all from ao3


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Louis William Tomlinson one of the most famous influencer in Britain got pregnant by Harry Edward Styles.