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Read story Traumatized

Author: AhsokaTanoJedi

Category: Fanfiction

Update: 03-09-2021

Status: Full

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Failsafe, a seemingly harmless training exercise. That is, till Miss Martin's subconscious accidentally took control of it. Turning it into a traumatic experience, one that not even the Boy Wonder can cope with.

Since they woke up, rifts have formed. Most noticeable, was between Robin and everyone. He wasn't close with Megan anymore, cuz she blamed him for Connor and Wally's deaths. Wally cuz he lied to him and supposedly betrayed his trust and misused his role as leader. Kaldur just was disappointed, Connor was just more Stoic, Artemis was her usual self, but Robin distanced himself from her.

What will happen when Robin's birthday comes around? What happens when his first and most hated enemy escapes prison? What happened when he gets ignored by his team on a mission and ends up getting gravely injured? What happens when Robin must fight for his life?

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