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[✓] Transgender and Nonbinary names

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"If I can't have you..." Love is fragile. One wrong move and it shatters. Everyone has a someone that they would give the world for. Even the Empires Rulers. They've decided to leave the safety of their kingdoms' borders and discover a way to defeat Xornoth and his blood-red corruption. They decide to look through an Ancient Elven Library, and everything seems to run smoothly. But when the two groups split to embark on dragon-back for the journey back home, chaos ensues. - Art by Flowers of Laurelin -


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Short Sub and dom stories. ⚠️This one is fem sub/male dom⚠️ Pronouns: Ashton He/Him Y/N She/her (Please feel free to change them at anytime to make yourself comfortable. I did not expect to come this far in my writing when I first started and never specified before) I take request 🙂


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Kevin and Sarah were step siblings that were super close growing up. Kevin had an obsession with her. Growing up he never thought anything of it. Kevin assumed that's how all siblings were and if they weren't who cares. Kevin did everything for Sarah. From brushing her hair, to picking her outfits, to cooking her food. Sarah was very dependent on Kevin. It was great in for Kevin and Sarah. That is until they were forced to separate due to their parents divorce. With Kevin gone Sarah had to become a lot more independent. She grew up and learned how to do things on her own. Kevin had also grown up and met a wonderful man named Richard. Richard and Kevin was happily married. There was one issue though. They were both very dominate. They both didn't care to submit to anyone. They tried looking for a third. A submissive/little. They wanted someone they can control all the time. Not just in the bedroom. Both Kevin and Sarah had never forgotten each other. Thinking about each other of the years. One night Sarah was at a bar with her friends. She was having fun dancing when she felt some eyes on her. She looked over and saw two men looking at her. With eye contact an old obsession is revived and a new is one is made. I am not that good at summaries. Sorry. Anything sexual happens when all characters are all legal adults.


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REQUESTS CLOSED!!! Peter/Harley oneshots, all original work!! TW are posted in the beginning of each chapter. Smut book that went along with this has been taken down by Wattpad. If you want to read the smut chapters, all of them are available on (Glittercat33) and on ao3 (Glittercat34) as well. Started: 6/4/20, Finished: ?/?/? Highest rankings: #1 in #parley #1 in #spiderman #1 in #ironlad #1 in #peter #1 in #harley #1 in #oneshots #1 in #nonbinary #2 in #parkner #2 in #avengers #3 in #angst #5 in #bisexual #6 in #harleykeener #118 in #gay Previously taken down at ~270k. Thank you everyone for sticking with me.


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WARNING, MATURE AND SEXUAL CONTENT! She was not born a lady, she was made one. She was not born into wealth, she was given it. Laila is a woman of the king, and she fell in love with him, the day she first met him. Whether it was the kindness he'd shown her or the charming face and body he has, the attraction was there from the start. But King Stephan is not one to reciprocate such feelings, as Laila is one of the ten women he has in his castle. If only there was a way they could grow closer...secrets, lies, pain, war...all of which tears people apart, could actually be what brings them together. *** Turning to face him, she sees his lips curling into a smile, making her heart warm and fuzzy. He slowly puts his arm around her, giving her time to refuse. When she doesn't, he pulls her against his chest. Leaning into her he whispers, "You called me by my name, back in the hallway." "I...I apologize-" "Don't...I like it." Laila feels her core clench upon hearing his words. He tilts her chin laying a kiss on her neck. Biting back her moan, she closes her eyes, feeling him suck on her skin. "Mmh!" Stephan feels her arousal placing his lips on hers, his hand traveling down pushing up her dress as he caresses her skin.* Cover by @Sachi_Stark ! ♥


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all sorts of horny shit written by a relatively vanilla demisexual nb. keep in mind that the first few chapters were written while i was a semester 1 freshman in high school and the last few have been written as a rising junior/senior, nothing in between those years. if you don't like the narration of the first few chapters, look towards the end and you may find that my voice has changed. there is no update schedule because my entire life is constantly changing on the turn of a dime. criticism is greatly appreciated. chapters usually are not proofread until another chapter after it is put out.


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COMPLETE. READ THE SEQUEL IF YOU'VE READ THIS BOOK (Don't Call me That, check my profile) Real Description: When Y/N has the chance to become friends with some of his heroes, being closeted really starts to suck. Dealing with day to day dysphoria, as well as his favorite people misgendering him proves to be almost too much... but what if he isn't the only one struggling? !!Not an x reader at all! Platonic! We have had #1 on the quite a few tags at some points that's so cool!