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Trans Max/Dadvid

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max has been trans for awhile but nobody knew, that is until Gwen catches him in his tent putting on his binder, now he has to explain everything to Gwen and David
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Karl is FtM trans, closeted at home but finally free to be himself once he starts college. He planned to stay hidden and just stay unnoticed so not to get into any trouble. But a rather popular music student finds his way into Karl's life, and his plans change. This book is written purely to vent and give me something to do, also to maybe help those who need it :) possibly even educate a few. These characters are based off of dsmp characters/their online personas. Not real life. It's all just fiction. (Karlnap and dnf in this book) More of a happy book this time, less triggers, but they will of course be written at the top of chapters :)) (Main/often triggers: transphobia, unsafe binding)


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Asteria Venus was tricked into a TV show scam by her trustworthy best friend. Battling through challenges and craziness of the show as well as tension. Will she fall in love first or would people fall for her first? There was only supposed to be 22 players but the producers decided last minute to add another person behind Chris's back. Will he fall in love? Tune in on TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND


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[Y/N] is the crowd pleaser, the golden girl. In her mother's eyes, she can do no wrong. Her father abandoned her, and so she's always been missing half her self. So when a dare leads to her joining the TDI cast, what happens on that island? Will she make friends? Enemies? A possible lover? And is her past closer to her then she thinks? DISCLAIMER - I DO NOT OWN TOTAL DRAMA OR ANY OF ITS CHARACTERS. THESE RIGHTS ARE CREDITED TO THE PRODUCERS OF THE SHOW.


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COMPLETE. READ THE SEQUEL IF YOU LIKE THIS BOOK (it's called "Don't Call me That", check my profile) Real Description: When Y/N has the chance to become friends with some of his heroes, being closeted really starts to suck. Dealing with day to day dysphoria, anxiety, as well as his favorite people misgendering him all proves to be almost too much... but what if he isn't the only one struggling? !!Not an x reader at all! Platonic! We have had #1 on the quite a few tags at some points that's so cool!


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"For both sides of the coin to reveal their full potential, a light must shine on them." ------ [Merlin - Season 1+] [Arthur Pendragon x OC]


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What would have happened if a more broken, desperate Gwen Stacy, fell into the universe of our happy well-mannered Spider-Man? What would have happened if our cinnamon roll of a Spiderman (MCU), Peter Parker had another Spider to share his adventure with, one his age? Well, this of course! Peter Parker/Spider-Man x Gwen Stacy/Ghost-Spider. Updates once or twice a week. **I do not own the rights to Spiderman, Ghost-Spider, or MARVEL/SONY characters.