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Read story Top 10 Best Cities in Morocco to Visit

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Update: 08-01-2021

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Best cities in Morocco
Free yourself from the hassle of planning all of your tour of Morocco - A mountainous country of western North Africa.
Occupying the northwest shoulder of the African continent - Morocco has unbeatable scenery, parks, zoo, beautiful and historical landmarks, landscapes, medieval castles, tasty food, and much more. Morocco's official languages are Modern Standard Arabic and Berber. The most widely spoken language is Moroccan Arabic. All this can be enjoyed and seen in Morocco's famous cities. Discover Morocco's treasure trove of wonders for yourself with the help of this useful guide. Let's start by knowing the name of these beautiful best cities in Morocco:
1. Meknes
2. Asilah
3. Essaouira (Mogador)
4. Chefchaouen
5. the Sahara Desert
6. Fes
7. Rabat
8. Casablanca
9. Ouarzazate
10. Marrakech

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