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Tony's Little Baby Boy

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Peter is an abused little trying to hide his classification from his new mentor.

No superheroes AU
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Ava Welters has always wondered who her soulmates were she started to give up all of her friends have met theirs although they don't have multiple or as many soul mark than her she still feels upset that her mates haven't shown up yet. But no matter life goes on she has to keep living she has to graduate high school and go to college. She has always wanted to go to NYU Steve R Tony S Bruce B Natasha R Clint B Thor Peter p They were the avengers they should be able to find their mate. they were put on a team because they all have the same soul mark. They fought aliens and yet they can't seem to find their soulmate it's frustrating to all of them. It's been a whole year since the attack on New York and as they search for their mate tension has been rising. They need to find their mate and soon. More chapters coming soon. FYI the ages of the avengers(Tony) do not a line with the official story line.


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Cover by @-goddesstier Freya Pierce had never expected to garner the attention of the Dimitrescu family nor did she expect that attention to spread to the other Lords and even Mother Miranda. All because she befriended the youngest Dimitrescu who decided that she was now family.


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₊˚.༄ "But I promise you this, I'll always look out for you." - Coldplay, Sparks ₊˚.༄ Started : 27.12.2022 Published : 31.12.2022 Finished : Neteyam x fem!oc


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Y/n is a multimillionaire. Wanda Maximoff is a divorced mum of two twin boys who is trying her best. What happens when their paths cross at a club and Y/n takes Wanda home for the night?


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It took place after Harry Potter finished his first year at Hogwarts. He asked Dumbledore not to come back to the Dursleys but didn't tell him how bad the abuse was. Dumbledore just thought that it would be a chance to create a better bond between Severus and Harry. Therefore, he sent Harry home with Severus and during the stay, Severus discovered some horrible facts about Harry's home life. Contains: Bedwetting, nappy, pull-ups, physical, mental, verbal, emotional and sexual abuse ( not very bad but still, there are a few mentions of those) . If you don't like it, don't read it. I've read a few stories of this kind and I wanted to try. THE CHARACTERS ARE NOT MINE.


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When Autumn is late on her way to work, she decides to take a shortcut through an alley. What she finds there will change her and her wife's lives forever. Mina was kicked out of her house at eighteen. She's left almost dead with no hope in sight. When Autumn comes across her, the older woman doesn't hesitate to help. It was a normal day in the emergency room for Ella. That day quickly turned out to be the start of Ella's new life when she receives a shocking message from her wife. She's found a small girl in an alley and is bringing her into the emergency room. The two women have been searching for a Little for years now. Will Mina be the right little girl for them? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is an age-regression book, so please take note of that before you start reading! As always, I proof read and edit each chapter before uploading. If you find any mistakes, please point them out and I'll fix them as soon as possible. Be nice in the comments and feel free to leave chapter suggestions! Much love ~ Blu


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A story of which being Tony Stark's daughter and having powers is the definition of Chaos. [spider-man: homecoming - spider-man: no way home] #1 - spiderman #1 - marvel


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An alternate universe with our avengers, and a classification system. Our main character, August Reeves, is a young man who tries his hardest to remain unseen and fly under the radar, helped out a smaller hero of the avengers team when he looked a little overpowered by the three people who robbed a bank near by. Now that he has made his presence known, he lands head first into a new life and has no idea how to process. We'll be following him in his new surroundings, and his experience with his found family


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Scarlett Greene hadn't spoken since she was twelve. After her Daddy was arrested for abuse when she was seventeen, she is sent to live with her Uncle Hershel. Her life gets better, but the trauma is still there. When the apocalypse begins, she takes charge to keep her family safe. What happens when a man runs across their lawn with a shot boy in his arms? Meet Rick Grimes. Unofficial leader of the group from the Quarry makes a bad call when he sent his group to the CDC, but was it really that bad? Meeting the Greene family, he is intrigued with the girl who won't speak to anyone but his kid. Follow Rick and Scarlett in surviving the walking dead. - started: dec 10, 2022 ongoing


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Harry Potter wants a new start and as the newly titled Master of Death, he thinks he deserves it. Taking Teddy, he settled down in New York and opened a cafe. Life is full of twists and turns. A good many are un expected. To several new brothers and new friends who happen to be superheroes. Harry's life just took a major turn. Portuguese Translation: @San-Chann22