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Together (Shoey FanFic)

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Shane and Joey find out that they are gay and love eachother, but going through ex's and crazy lovers, to fans, to haters, with Shoey last through all these events? They'll have to do it together.
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Joey and Shane figure out they are gay and really love eachother but obviously nothing ever goes as planned this fanfic will be full of Love,Hate,Back Stabbing,Jealousy,Break Ups, and maybe evenTragic events including Violence :3 :) ;)


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:COMPLETE: Shane is a vampire and Joey is the most popular boy at his school.Shane moves to town and he wants to keep a low profile but as soon as Joey lays eyes on him Joey and Shane have to have each other. They get paired up for a history project and Joey gets closer and closer to Shane. Once he finds out what Shane is they are inseparable. But Shane has something to hide. He is meant for something big. He's powerful but with Joey by his side he loses focus. Joey is his only weakness. Right? [WARNING: this is a long-ass story so please stick to the end with me. All rights reserved @Tumblraddict1 also copyright to @Tumblraddict1 also credit to @Tumblraddict1. Steal my story and I'll cut your balls or patatos whatever]


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The once great Kingdom of Youtoria is divided into eleven seperate kingdoms. The Alpine, The Taiga, The Birch, The Flower, The Volcano, The Tropical, The Desert, The Mesa, The Jungle, The Swamp, and The Corrupted Kingdom. They have been against each other for decades. Each kingdom preaches that they are superior. On the verge of war, each ruler learns of a prophecy. Now there's a scramble for more power and more influence. For the glory of their kingdoms. 'Our Kingdom Come' is based on the Minecraft KingdomCraft series by your favorite Youtubers: Ldshadowlady, Smallishbeans, TheOrionSound, Stacyplays, Joeygraceffa, Seapeekay, Dangthatsalongname, Yammy, LaurenZSide, Strawburry17, and Shubble.


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The title says it all! This may sound weird to write this book, but I'm just giving it a try to right fanfics. So I'm going to be posting daily to see what stories to create, and what couples to work with. Like is said, it sounds weird but I see other great writers do it. So, why not? Anyway just like the others, please feel free to tell me about my stories and what'd you think of them. Context: No tickle fetish, just for fun. Anyway without further delay, let's get started. These stories will contain many different YouTubers we all know and love, and some will contain a first person POV for you to enjoy. I'll also do some updates for you to see what's going on next, and what else you want to see. Now enough of me talking, let's get going! ;)


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Just random Haikyu smuts


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Si Erina Swane ay nag iisang anak ng Swane, pero, ang hindi niya alam ay mayroon siyang nawawalang kapatid. Her parents died when she was 15 years old. Because of an accident. After her parents died, ang kaisa isa niyang pamilyang natira, ang nag iisang kapatid ng kaniyang ama ang nag alaga sa kaniya. Her life has been difficult and messirable since her parents passed away. Until she got to that point, that her aunt made her pay for her debt and gambling addiction. Dahil roon ay nakilala niya ang isang heartless mafia boss, Khairo Ferrer, the hot dangerous billionaire. It saved her from the hell she was in. Khairo paid a lot of money just to get Erina and saved her. But Erina thought that, the young man just did that in exchange for her body. Paano nila mahaharap ang naghihintay na panganib sa kanilang lahat? To be continue....