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Read story To The Ends of The Earth (Completed)

Author: pinkxdementorxx

Category: Science Fiction

Update: 01-03-2021

Status: Full

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Just like to add a little disclaimer. ⚠️Nothing in this is real of course. But even the myths of the 'devil' have been messed around. So please don't comment anything like "this isn't even how it actually works" because like I said, they're myths which I'm just tampering with a little for the purpose of this story!⚠️

A seven part short story.

Everybody's days are numbered, for nobody is to live forever.

A ball of sunshine. A girl whose happiness lights up the worlds of many. A girl who has unknowingly saved plenty of lives. Emmaline Blackmore.

What happens when her quest to make a difference interrupts the forces of nature itself? What happens when this interruption turns into a deadly, irreversible imbalance?

Of course, the devil himself will have to make an appearance.


"I will follow you. To the ends of the earth. To wherever you take me."

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