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To Know My Husband

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I'm here at Italy, he's in Philippines
were married but we don't know each other but name.
I want to know him, I want to be with him.
May be you like?


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Warning:Very mature content. "A thick long finger penetrates me,and I slowly jump up but he keeps a firm hold on me and hold me in position. He lifts me up in position and seats me on the glass top of his desk.The coldness of it burns my abused asscheeks and he knows is very well too,that is why he has again kept a firm hold on my waist. The glass now feels comfortable and I have adjusted to the intruder in my pussy.He starts with slow deep strokes and I start to moan. He leans towards me and kisses away the tears from my face.He slips his tongue inside my mouth and completely tongue-fuck my mouth and I am out of breath in seconds." ................................................................ From the day I was born,his eyes has not left me. He was there for me in my whole 21 years of existence. Now when I work for him as his own personal assistant in his own multibillionaire company, DAMIEN KNIGHTS ENTERPRISES , that too after 6 months of our marriage,his eyes has not left me,not even for a minute. DAMIEN KNIGHT The most ruthless,arrogant and hardhearted man in the world. The most merciless, cruelest and cold blooded King of the underworld. People fear him and knows better than to even look into his eyes. The man who had and has no value for women except for His angel His only weakness? His and His only Amelia. Amelia Sara Collins Knight The most innocent, fragile and sweet person, people could ever meet. Sheltered and protected by her father and the devil himself,she does not know about the evils of the world,nor about the demon himself. Seeing him almost every day since she was born,and cared by him throughout her,she didn't oppose to the idea of marrying him when the proposal was made by the Satan himself. Join them in their journey as they discover themselves and solve the atrocities thrown in their way. Note: There is Mature contents,bdsm and violence in this book. Also a very innocent main woman lead and a very unpredictable and cruel male lead.


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When Daiyu is summoned with dozens of other girls to be the Emperor's concubine, she doesn't think that she'll be chosen. Although beautiful and kind, she's hardly qualified to be with the emperor, whose name is stained with blood and whose reputation is blacker than sin. When she accidentally catches the eye of Emperor Meilin, however, he surprises her by naming her his bride and future empress of the empire. How will the kind and sweet Daiyu escape from the clutches of the emperor? Will he capture his little rabbit, or will she run before it's too late? 2016 Watty Winner Video by @AlyxMck


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Ashley Watson. A 16-year-old , hard-working, usual but not so ordinary teen. Aidan Williams. An 18-year-old boy, a rock star singer living his life in limelight among the buzz of fans. Two people from two different spheres of the world are ,one day, drawn to each other through a dream. The dream changes their lives. A beast hides beneath their skin as they become super naturals for eternity. With their supernatural hearts beating aloud for each other , will they be able to survive the transformation? Moreover there hides a killer in the shadows of the past whose aim is to rip these two transformed supernaturals apart. A journey of a vampire and a werewolf filled with mystery and dark secrets. Join their fairytale and see the tragedy. * an amaizing book cover made by @officialprimrose #Highest rank~61 in vampire ( 6/07/17) Winner of the Crayons Awards 3rd winner of the Purple Apple Awards. .


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~STORY CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT ~ Sarah Darrell always wanted a simple life. But after having an abusive childhood and teenage she came to know life is not a fairytale. Being mistreated by her stepmother and sister, she decided to leave behind her city, her home, her family. Today at the age of 22 she is a strong, independent, and confident woman She is returning to NYC again after 6 years and will be taking over her late mother's company and fulfilling her mother's last wish. Meet Adrian Parker, at the age of 26 he is the CEO of the world's leading company. He is one of the finest good-looking man in the country and unlike another billionaire, he is a one-woman man. Planning to marry Jessica and making her officially his forever was his next move. But faith has decided something else for Sarah and Adrian _________________________________________ Adrian forcefully pushed the door open. He started walking angrily towards me, grabbed my arm "What were you thinking back there dancing with Noah. Didn't I tell you to behave well but you couldn't give up your whoring for a few hours." I flinched at his loud tone and controlled the tears that started forming in my eyes. "Well, at least I wasn't the one who was flirting with his ex". I retorted. " Well Jessica is not like you, you are the one seeking the attention from every rich man back there. You purposely choose to wear such revealing dress, so that you can seduce men at the party." "You are nothing but a whore Sarah, a fuckin ugly S.L.U.T. No one wants you and no one will ever love you. " He hissed angrily His statement fueled my anger and without thinking I slapped him across his face. Within a blink, he grabbed my neck and pushed my body roughly on the wall. In mere seconds he tore my dress with his hands, making it fall on the ground. I was standing in front of him with my bra and thong Before I can push him away, he did something I never expected...


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When THE CAMPUS PLAY GIRL turns to be LOYAL AND UNDER LOVER because of a HOT TRANSFER STUDENT ....🀘 English is not my first Language so bare with my grammar guys. 😘❀. -Lisa G!P


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When Kaci Katsopolis and her dad move into her uncle Danny's house with him, his three daughters DJ, Stephanie and Michelle, and Danny's best friend Joey. 𝑢𝑹 When three men try to raise four girls without their mums in their lives.


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A list of Zodiac Sign Scenarios.


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where two faceless and unique voiced people are ridiculously clueless. corpse husband x fem!oc [ started: 23/07/2021 finished: 25/12/2022 ]


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Meet Vanessa Torres. A beautiful woman working as a tattoo artist with a pure personality and a surprising set of eye colors. Vanessa and, her boyfriend Ace have been dating for 2 years. He's been really distant and she doesn't know why. Dante Di Vaio. Even the name sends chills to grown men. Italian Mafia leader, but some people like to call him a demon , sent from Hell it's self. Ruthless, Merciless and of course, Heartless. The crimes he's committed are unimaginable. One has to see it to believe it. What happens when Dante finds himself watching over this innocent girl? An obsession begins, With a pinch of adoration, A smear of lust, A clasp of Redamancy. A dash of ardency, And of course, a decent pile of ripped clothes. ~~~~ WARNING: This book contains mature and sexual content. THERE WILL BE SEXUAL GIFS ASWELL! If you are sensitive to these topics, please avoid reading this book. Thank you! Some banner pictures from @Andiebaxx on WeHeartIt i do not own most of the pictures used in this story Rankings: #1 FEATURED 12/26/19 #1 hispanic 5/16/20 #1 BWWM 10/25/18 - 7/23/20 #1 Italian 10/23/18 #1 Italianmafia 10/12/18 #1 kiddnapped 10/19/18 #1 Italianmen 7/29/19 #1 Latina 8/22/19 - 3/25/22 #1 Italianmen 8/22/19 #1 Italy 10/9/19 11/13/19 #1 kidnapped 7/23/20 #2 saved 9/14/18 #2 Italian men 10/25/18 #2 husband and wife 10/19/18 #3 latina 8/4/19 #4 Italy 9/18/18 # 7 saved 6/23/22 #9 feature 12/7/18 # 12 marriage 7/5/22 #18 husband 7/29/19 #20 Romance 11/17/18 #57 love 1/11/19


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**WARNING: THE STORY IS NOT MINE OFFLINE PURPOSES** Chu Sihan, the county magistrate of Xuan Yue Country, is an exceptionally handsome prodigy who had risen to fame since he was a child. However, the National Preceptor prophesies that he would not live to the age of thirty, unless he marries the Lu Family's daughter from Liu Yue Village. Chu Sihan declares, "I'd rather stay single forever than to marry a woman whom I have never met." Then- Lu Sheng, who is engaged the moment she transmigrates, scoffs. "He must be an old man to be so anxious to marry." Then, Lord Chu reveals the truth. "Sheng, if you don't marry me, I'd rather stay single forever." Lu Sheng, who single-mindedly wants to earn a fortune and fulfil her dream of becoming a billionaire, says, "Okay, then stay single forever, Lord Chu." Then- A particular man pins her against the wall coldly, narrows his eyes and asks, "Will you marry me, or not? If you marry me, the entire Chu Mansion and me will be yours. If you don't... I'll hang around your house every day." Lu Sheng, "..."