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To Be In Your Arms Again •Billancy• {Big City Greens}

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Cricket and Tilly urge their father to start dating again and set him up with a polite bakery owner. Things seem to go well until Nancy, his ex wife, meets her and begins to feel jealous, but denies she has any feelings for him. Though, the kids can see right through her lies, and decide to help get their parents back together.

(Rated T for language and some sexual references)
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↬ Idol au ↬ "You're back again?" "Oh, did you miss me?" "Wipe that smile off your face Lee Donghyuck, you're ruining my night shifts." Book 2 in the Dreaming series


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No feelings, no strings, no friendship, or God-forbid anything beyond that. Those are the rules of JJ Maybank and Frankie Marcus' relationship. If you can even call late-night hookups a relationship. But rules are meant to be broken, aren't they? writing season three!! disclaimer: i (shockingly) don't own obx, so please don't sue me Netflix i'm just a lowly fanfic writer.


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You and Sebastian Sallow struggle to understand your feelings towards each other. Between the late-night adventures, the bursts of jealousy, and Sebastian accidentally admitting to everyone in your class that he's in love with you, how could you not be convinced you are meant for each other? • • • [Mature!!! Spicey content but also lots of fluff!!!] Cover by: @RandomPotatoArt


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"Tatum what the hell." Pablo mumbles as I turn around slowly, a sly smile sneaking onto my lips. "Are you and Pedri like together now?" Ansu asks as he raises his eyebrow slightly. "Of course not, that would be ridiculous." I laugh awkwardly as Ale walks past me, opening my door. "Oh. Hey guys." Pedri says as he's laying in my bed and I look at all of them. "I can explain myself." ~~~~~ started: 2/19/23 finished: ?/?/?? ALSO SORRY FOR THE COVER HAHAHA


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𝙄 𝙆𝙉𝙊𝙒 𝙔𝙊𝙐 𝙒𝙀𝙍𝙀 𝙒𝘼𝙔 𝙏𝙊𝙊 𝘽𝙍𝙄𝙂𝙃𝙏 𝙁𝙊𝙍 𝙈𝙀. If Stella and her friends knew what they were getting into when they stumbled upon a sunken shipwreck, they probably would've brushed up on their treasure hunting skills. season 1 & 2: completed season 3: currently being written!


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Just random Haikyu smuts


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When two people like each other, but never say it. [ Season one, two, and three of Outer Banks ] jj maybank x fem!oc published: 24 february 2021 completed: ?


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in which charlotte carrera finds herself more conflicted than she has ever been in her entire life rafe cameron x fem! oc || seasons one + two + three of outer banks! started: 08.14.21 finished: tbd


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✨housekeeping✨ ~~ 🤪stupid things have good outcomes all the time ~~ 😡if im the one mediating we've hit rock bottom ~~ ✌🏼hes straight up like the spanish, just bon voyage ~~ 😧i wasn't taking mental polaroids the whole time, i was under duress ~~ Any and all requests are welcome! <3 ~~ Most impressive rankings: #18 in JJMaybank (2/19/23) #2 in Rudy (2/28/23) #1 in Rudy (3/9/23)


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Harry never knew his Father James Potter had a little sister. That he had other options besides living with the extremely vile Dursley family. Where Eleanor Potter becomes a professor at Hogwarts, beginning her journey in protecting her nephew.