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Read story Ties and Guitars (Fiolee)

Author: Aly_mwa

Category: Fanfiction

Update: 21-06-2021

Status: Full

1131 likes / 33576 reads

Fionna Murtons, a workaholic and a girl who is in love with her boss Gumball.

Marshall Lee Abadeer, a new worker at the place that Fionna works at.

You'd think that this story would be quite boring, but what happens when Fionna and her best friend Cake decides to go to a bar to have a girl's night out. The good thing is that the band that Cake loves is performing at the bar, the shocking part is that the lead singer is none other than Marshall Lee himself.

Come read the story to find out more~

(ATTENTION) This book was not written by me. This was written by someone who I cannot completely recall but I just recently found out that this book was deleted from wattpad and I went on a search to find it somewhere else since I really love this book. I found it on a post on tumblr by "fryingpanss" ( and I decided that I want it back on wattpad for others to be able to read it again.

I retyped everything because I honestly don't know how to copy-paste things from tumblr so I hope my efforts don't go to waste and that you guys would love the story as much as I did and still do.

Anyway, again. I DO NOT OWN THIS BOOK NOR THAT CHARACTERS OF THIS BOOK. As of now, this book rightfully belongs to the person that I found the book from and that is "fryingpanss" from tumblr.

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