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This was meant to be.(Ponyboy Curtis fanfiction)

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Madison Matthews is Two-bits younger sister, and she soon moves to live with him in Tulsa. When Madison starts settling in with her protective older brother she soon meets what Two-bit calls the "gang". When she finally meets them, she can't help but notice just one specific guy who she can't take her eye off of. Starting with that beautiful bleach blonde hair of his, and those gorgeous green eyes she realizes shes in love with the one and only Ponyboy Curtis.
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I wrote these when I was 15 years old so, yes they suck. Feel free to roast my ass, just absolutely light my ass up. Idk what's going on at all honestly. But if you wanna read my crappy 15 year old writing, I mean all power to you :) ❗️I do not own any of these character or the story! All rights go to the rightful owner S.E Hinton! ❗️


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What happens when Dallas discovers he has a kid sister living in New York? What happens when she meets the gang? Will she fall for any of the members? Read this fanfic to find out! COMPLETED!!


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Lacey Winston was always friends with Ponyboy but when some Socs want to teach him a lesson will he learn it or will he lose the battle?


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❝we never had to force love, we were drowning in it the moment we met. ❞


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Sam is a 14 year old greaser, and is part of the gang. She goes through a lot but luckily Ponyboy is with her... Also I made this book when I was like 12 so this could be bad


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Kaitlyn barely remembers her brother Dallas Winston, but now that her grandma who was her caretaker has passed and she has to go back to her dad. Knowing what her father will do she reaches out for Dallas until she finds out he's in the hospital. She decides to take the money her grandma left and leave the Big Apple for her brother. But when she arrives she finds someone else. Someone she might have an interest in. But does he like her too? How will Dallas feel about this? This is their story. /I do not own these characters except for the main character