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The Youngest True dragon(On Hiatus)

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Before Veldanava died he created the fifth true dragon that will inherit his goal and dreams as well as some of his powers.With the last of his powers he named the dragon Rimuru.So is the birth and rise of the youngest and strongest true dragon......So story is about (fem)rimuru's adventures and shinanigans story includes Yuri
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Ichigo Died but gets reborn as the Daughter of a Demon Lord. This is a Continuation of Split-Girl Fan Fiction. I don't own the first six chapter of thisFan fiction and it was Created by:Split-Girl #1 Inoue - 11/11/22 #1 Fem-Ichigo - 12/16/22 #1 OpRimuru - 3/19/23


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Mikami Satoru was an ordinary 43 years old contracter but he died when saving his kohai from certain death by a criminal who was running with a knife in his hand ready to stab tamura. when dying he wishes to be like his elder sister who he look ups to. His wishes are granted and his fate is intertwined with the daughter of veldanava and reincarnates as a dragonoid. Look at the adventures of mikami Satoru turned dragonoid with his elder sister milim nava and how they shake the world


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*this story is currently under full revision. Lots of changes will be made afterwards* The fourth true dragon disappeared from the word by accident and reappear after thousands of year. Finding out that his family had scattered, the dragon starts a journey to find his family members with his one and only partner and brother.


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This is a female rimuru of story where rimuru was born as a true dragon. She is the oldest and strongest of the true dragons and the big sister of Veldenava. One day she had to leave her brother and sister to go into hibernation but accidentally slept for a bit too long. When she wakes up, she finds that her brother had died and that her sister Velzard had to take the burden of raising the other two by herself. What will she do now that she is back ? Female rimuru OC


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" Ciel, this relationship will not work until one of us changes, and I will not change, my belief is on a whole other level than Shizue. ... And Shizue... She is too pure so do her beliefs- not only pure but also firm. Our relationship is a no-go... We will only hurt each other. What do they call it? Yeah, a toxic relationship." Even with different beliefs, classes and personalities can the love bloom between them? Will they change each other for another person? The love between God and a mortal, is this even possible? Main ship - RimuruXShizue and I will add Ciel for fun. May the ship sail safely and smoothly.πŸ™


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I'm not good with description but basically Rimuru got bored and decide to go back to her former World but in the future. Read if you want to find out more. Disclaimer: Tensura and MHA are not mine, they belong to their respective creators.


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Few years after the Tenma War, Rimuru turned into a woman, both physically and mentally due to circumstances, but as a former human male, she still have a preference for other women instead of men. And centuries after Yuuki's defeat, Rimuru is working on mountains of paperwork and is quite diligent about it since she has already been accustomed to it, but that doesn't change the fact that she's bored, suddenly Ciel has an idea to ease her master's stress and boredom. Read how Rimuru and Ciel journeys again to the past, changing lots of events, removing life-long regrets, and handling a certain Vampire, Unknown Hero, and another Manas that has been developing feelings for Rimuru... --------------------------- I will only post and update this book here in Wattpad, if you see it on any other sites it's a shameless bastard that reposted or plagiarized my story. This story will be Yuri themed since I like it and there's no story about Rimuru being a girl but still have romantic interest on girls instead of guys. I don't own the cover picture, it belongs to @rikori_X or @rikori_E in Twitter and Pixiv. This is only a work of Fanfiction of 'That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime!' Written by Fuse-sensei.


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Veldanava have another child and that is our lovable Rimuru I'll be honest, I just wanted to see Milim and Rimuru have fun Moreover I don't think I've seen something like this/Rimuru as Veldanava's child There will be many big to small changes but the storyline will still 'quite' the same =-=-=-=-= I know there's many wrong things in this story therefore I created a remake where I think it's better But of course you're the judge so please read this one first and check out the remake later and tell me what you think


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❀️❀️ Everyone, I bring you a new story. This story is centred on Rimuru and Chloe's adventure as gods in another world❀️❀️ Summary **Rimuru and Chloe got summoned to another world that was in need of their powers. The world they were summoned in was a fantasy world filled with Gods, Demons, Fairy's, Elf's, Giants, Titans, Dragons and other mystical races. Join Rimuru and Chloe as they journey to save humanity from all the races who oppresses them and uses them however way they want** πŸ’—This is a Rimuru x Chloe storyπŸ’— †Warning† This story is not shy of killing and describing the graphic method a person is killed. If you can't handle that stuff, then skip any part with it and continue reading.