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The way of life - Edser Fan fiction

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This a book about the story of Edser, this is completely fictional. I don't own any of the characters they belong to MF Yapim. This is just how I thought the story would go. Eda and Ferit are siblings who live in Istanbul while Eda has a secret crush on the famous architect Serkan Bolat, see what happens in their life and how destiny will bring them together or not..
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Part two to the story Mind Games. Life has been heaven for Serkan and Eda Bolat, they are living a dream life with their eighteen month old daughter Kiraz and are expecting a second child when a random event happens. Eda falls and hits her head she wakes with total amnesia, no memory of who she is or anyone in her life. She doesn't know these people who are saying that they are a part of her life. How do you help someone get their memories back when they don't want to be near you?


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She broke his heart, but he can't stop loving her even if she is the evilest woman in the world. He destroyed her every dream, but even if he has no heart, she can't stop thinking about him. What will happen when two former lovers, turned haters, are forced to spend time together alone without anyone's disturbance? * * * WARNING STRONG LANGUAGE AND MATURE CONTENT. Reading on your own responsibility. * * * It is a story about Serkan and Eda's break up that came to life after I discarded this idea for the prequel of Come Back To Me. I couldn't get this out of my head as it started to live its own life and evolved into a shorter story about my favorite lovers. If you love lovers to haters' trope, I hope you will enjoy it as much as me when I was writing it. The characters belong to Fox Turkey, but the story and plot are mine.


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Here are my mostly one-shot stories. These are the stories that came to my mind, and I write them for fun. All stories are about Edser.


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Serkan and Eda used to be a couple in college, they were madly in love but then they broke up, so what happens four years later, when they meet again. Serkan Bolat who is now a very successful architect with his own firm, and Eda Yildiz, whose life made her do some unexpected decisions and now works at her aunt Ayfer's flower shop.


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The opportunity Eda had been waiting for knocks on her door and she gets admission in her dream college in America. But fate has some twisted plans for her when she has to live with her father's relatives in America. Serkan Bolat is busy in his monotonous life until Eda comes to live in his house and things get complicated. A venture of two people from hate to jealousy to love... (The pictures and character names belong to Fox Sen cal kapimi).


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Pragmatic Love a series of short stories and novelette, romance and fiction! Story title with this ✔️ are completed!


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After their wedding, the couple travel to Peru. Can has taken a photo shoot assignment for a magazine, and has taken Sanem with him for the honeymoon of a lifetime. They begin their lives together exploring and working in this beautiful country. Then return home to live in the house that had brought Sanem so much contentment as she was growing up. To fill it with happiness and love for the rest of their lives.


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This will be a series of one shots based on reader suggestions. I'll try to tag all the readers who have made the suggestions as I go along!