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Read story The Special Agent Shizi 2

Author: Linshaoyu

Category: Romance

Update: 19-05-2020

Status: Full

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This is for offline reading only this is not my work this is authenticated Chinese novel and one of my favorite novel. I'm temporary withdrawing of writing since I'm still in "depressed mode"

The summary is from the novel update but the chapter I just mtl so don't expect clean English cause I'm not fluent in English nor Chinese... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The chief special agent who returns back to her previous life. Other than being skilled in medicine and poison, she inherits the supernatural abilities and the memories of her previous life. She thought that she could find happiness once again... When did the investor by her side become a black-hearted follower? Ye Qing Ge expresses that she is unable to accept a certain person's manipulation of the market~~~~ Ah, the sighs tremble the heavens. There's a long way to go to chasing one's wife~~~~!! Making the first move is the true way to go!

Author: HL Moonlight
Status: completed 372 chapter

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