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The Snake Whisperer (Reader x Naga!England)

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The Snake Whisperer (Naga!England x Reader)

This is my first story that I've ever made on DeviantArt and a story that I created on Quotev. You can find the story on DeviantArt under the name of 'Infinitepandas180' and on Quotev under my name 'Mockingbirdsdontsing'.

20 years ago, a new creature was introduced to the Himaruya Zoo. A creature of intelligence and stealth.

A Naga: a half snake, half human was something made visitors want to keep coming back. The Naga was known to of not been a gentle creature, not enjoying company of humans.

That was until Y/N L/N became a snake keeper. Can she get the Naga to change his mind on humans, and to accept them?
May be you like?


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After an incident involving a bully, y/n meets a rather interesting person. Far from her schools tour group in the Amazon, y/n must figure out if she wished to stay with the one who saved her life, go back and try and find her class in the deep rainforest. How will she get back to her family as well as stay with this interesting man? She can only have one so which will she choose?


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REPUBLISHING They took her sanity. Now they are back to take her life. When Kelsey Miller was sixteen, she was kidnapped, beaten, and raped by two men--neither of whom was ever brought to justice. Three years later, the past still haunts her and fear, pain, and anger have taken over her world. Trapped in a cycle of self-harm and depression, she becomes her own worst enemy. One night, her kidnappers return and ask her to make the ultimate sacrifice. This time, the stakes are even higher since her tormentors are not only determined to crush her spirit but her life. [Best Rank: #1 in Mystery/Thriller] Authors Note: This story includes relevant social topics such as anxiety, self-harm, and depression, as well as references to rape/abuse. Do not read if you find any of these topics disturbing. They are not meant to upset anyone but to raise awareness. Copyright ©2015 by Sal Mason All rights reserved


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*•.¸when a picture changes everything¸.•*


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Lemons from animes like hetalia naruto blue exorcist vampire knight attack on titan space dandy inuyasha bleach durarara!! death note tokyo ghoul black butler hellsing ultimate danganronpa love stage say i love you maid-sama diabolik lovers Magi Seven Deadly Sins and pretty much these are the animes i know. If anyone request anything i dont know send me a little description on message, the person and what they do and stuff


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Countries have gathered in America's capital, Washington D.C., for a world meeting where they are attempting to actually help the world and not try to murder each other over centuries-old grudges. So you know an average world meeting? However, who are these girls who ran in and why are they calling America, 'papa'?


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Y/n was only six when she was told the legend of Nagas'. A few days later she sees a naga trapped in the woods. She bring her naga friend back to her house and introduces him to her grandma. But soon after, her whole house was set ablaze, losing her memory of everything. When y/n turns 18 she moves to a small house only a block from her grandma's old house. The woods that are in her backyard connect to the woods behind her grandma's backyard. Soon after moving in, she sees a snake like creature in her backyard, but before she can identify what it is the creature slithers away quickly. A few days after the encounter to see the same creature in her house. A naga. She's fears for her life as it slithers towards her. What will the naga do? Will it hurt y/n?


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As this young girl grew, she has been thinking about the same words that her old friend had said. Will she ever meet the person she saw as a child or will she forget him forever? (too lazy for descript, plus may have strong language. maybe...)


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Now, I've been hungover before. I've experienced the entire earthly spectrum of emotion that comes with the joys of drinking until you can't stand. I've seen, felt, smelt and heard things that upon reflection a sober human being wouldn't necessarily do. There was very little I couldn't chalk up to the consequences of my own actions whilst recovering from a particularly heavy night of partying. But as the stranger in front of me demanded me to stop, his entire appearance morphed into something vile. And I can honestly say that was a first for me. His eyes turned black like ink, his teeth extending to sharp points as dark veins began forming up his neck, crawling to join in a tangled web of visible webbing beneath his skin. The man I'd only a few minutes earlier considered attractive, had now become one of the vilest creatures I'd ever seen. Definitely not a crackhead. "Holy f*cking crap!" --- Danielle Perkins knows more than most about how truly unfair the world can be. After years of training and serving in the military, she is ultimately discharged from duty and settles down for civilian life in the bustling city of New York. A far cry from her terror filled past, it takes some time but she finally begins to get her life back together. That is until she's faced with a world that at no point was she ever trained for, and faced with a man that she was in no way ready for.


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Death. I expected it but it came when I I least expected. Reincarnation. I don't know what to expect from it. But I've learnt that one must always expect the unexpected.