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The Shield Preference 2

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°Dean Ambrose
°Roman Reigns
°Seth Rollins
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dating preferences with WWE's shield.


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Welcome to my WWE smut book! If sex isn't your thing, please don't read if you are uncomfortable. I will also accept requests! It can be anything. GirlxGirl, guyxguy, or guyxgirl. I'll try to update as much as I can.


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*Roman Reigns *Jey Uso *Jimmy Uso *Xavier Woods *Dean Ambrose *Seth Rollins *Finn Balor *Corey Graves


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*Roman Reigns *Seth Rollins *Dean Ambrose


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(ShieldxOC) Lili didn't intend for her life to end up on the road, touring with CZW for her brothers career, but thanks to some bad decisions in her private life it's where the world dropped her on her ass. Not too long after joining the tour she met a wild man by the name of Moxley. She couldn't have imagined her life getting any worse than it had been months prior, but she didn't really imagine it getting better either. If Moxley shook up her life when she met him, you can't imagine how much crazier it got when she was moved up to RAW as the Shield's Merch girl.


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"Had my back, i'ma have yours... ian just talking i'ma prove it. You ain never felt yo heart drop i'ma be the one that do it. Get this gun in yo name, i'ma be the one that shoot it. I appreciate yo last nigga, he the one that blew it." Read this crazy ass boooookkkkkkk!!! ___ Started- 1st of September, 2021 Finished- N/A -pimpxlerrie®


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it's going to get down and dirty in here with sexual fantasies and fluff featuring the Samoan Adonis Roman reigns. if you have any requests just send it on the comment section. 🚨 I do not own Roman reigns.🚨


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WARNING: MATURE CONTENT "Kill me," she rasped, her voice hoarse. It confused me. She wanted this. She wanted me. Didn't she? What an actress she is. My laugh was bitter. I released my hold from her neck taking a step back. She slumped on the ground gasping. I levelled her eyes. Grabbing her chin harshly I made her look at me. "Killing you will be easy. I will torture you, annihilate you, but I won't kill you. After all, as my legal wife I need to fuck you." ********************************************* DOMINIC My wife to be is a bastard. Italian mafia's bastard. Liliana de Luca. She might act naive in front of her Papa, but beware, she is not. She is as filthy as a treacherous leech. I'll marry her. And then I'll break her, For she broke what's mine. LILIANA I'm the bastard child. The moment I stepped into this house I knew what my role would be. Marry anyone Papa says. I don't have a choice then marrying him. Dominic Marcello. The one who loathes me and is hell bound to break me. But little did he know one cannot break something that's already broken. Mature content ❗Adult Content © All Rights Reserved Above 18+ *** Read at your own risk. Contains mature content, killing scenes, child abuse ***