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Read story The Return of the Pampered Wife

Author: cozy_offline_books

Category: Historical Fiction

Update: 21-08-2021

Status: Writing

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The moment everything went downhill was the moment Dongfang Ru Huo realized all her mistakes. Whether it was her choice in trusted aids, friends, all her choices led her to her downfall. But when she realized, it was too late.
At the end of her life, when everything went dark, Dongfang Ru Huo swore. If the heavens granted her another chance, she would definitely revenge herself and change her fate! She would definitely make her last life up to Gu Mo Zhen.

Shockingly, it seemed like the gods heard her prayer. She was reborn. From then, everyone realized. She was not a trash nor an idiotic miss. She was a vengeful goddess flying back up to the heavens!

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